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Our SecurityTracker vulnerability topics are organized into the following major categories:

Advisory For third party organizations that issue advisory alerts, you can list recent vulnerabilities reported by that organization.
Category To help you easily locate types of products that may be vulnerable, we have assembled similar products into "categories" (such as operating systems and types of applications).
Cause The primary cause of the vulnerability (such as authentication errors) is listed to enable you to quickly see what kind of error created the vulnerability.
Impact Recent vulnerabilities resulting in a common type of impact (e.g., denial of service) are listed by those types.
OS The operating system (OS) list indicates if the vulnerable component is an operating system component. Note that this is an optional topic and may not always be assigned.
Target The target is the specfic or generic name of the vulnerable object. This is usually the product's or service's brand name.
Underlying OS The underlying operating system (OS) list indicates if there is a vulnerable application or service that runs only on specific operating systems. The underlying OS itself is not vulnerable. Note that this is an optional topic and may not always be assigned.
Vendor You may view a listing of recent vulnerabilities for a particular vendor. This includes third party notices as well as vendor-issued bulletins.

You can also view a reverse chronological summary listing of the SecurityTracker Archives.


1ndonesian Security Team
    @Stake - L0pht
    Adobe Advisory
    ALPER Research Labs
    AngryPacket Security
    Apple Security Advisory
    Arhont Ltd.
    BEA Security Advisory
    Black Tigerz Research Group
    Blackwatch Labs
    Blue Panda
    Centaura Technologies
    CentOS Advisory
    CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)
    ChinaSL Information Technology
    CIAC (US Dept. of Energy)
    Cisco Security Advisory
    Computer Associates Advisory
    Conectiva Advisory
    COVERT Labs (Network Associates)
    Damage Hacking Group
    Databugs Security Team
    Debian Advisory
    Deep Zone
    Defcom Labs
    Digital Defense
    Dtors Security Research
    DWC Gr0up
    eEye Digital Security
    Eye on Security
    Eye On Security Research Group - India
    Fedora Advisory
    FIRST (Forum of Incident Response Security Teams)
    Frame4 Security Systems
    FreeBSD Security Advisory
    Freedom 0f Knowledge Project
    Gentoo Advisory
    Georgi Guninski
    Global InterSec Research
    Global Security Solution IT (GSSIT)
    GrayHatz Security Group
    GreyMagic Software
    GulfTech Security Research Team
    Hat-Squad Security Team
    HPE Security Bulletin
    Hyperdose Security
    IBM AIX Security Advisories
    Illegal Instruction Labs
    INetCop Security
    Information Risk Management plc
    Internet Security Systems (X-Force)
    iSEC Security Research
    IT-Checkpoint Security
    KDE Security Advisory
    kernelpanik labs
    LwB Security Team
    Macromedia Security Bulletin
    Mandriva/Mandrake Advisory
    Microsoft Security Advisory
    Microsoft Security Bulletin
    Mordred Security Labs
    Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory
    NetBSD Security Advisory
    NetGuard Security Team
    Netric Security Team
    Network Intelligence India
    Nomad Mobile Research Centre
    Nortel Security Advisory
    NovaPPC Security Research Group
    NSSI-Research Labs
    OpenBSD Errata
    Oracle Linux Security Advisory
    Oracle Security Advisory
    Phenoelit Group
    Pine Digital Security
    PivX Solutions
    r0tten dev1ce Crew
    Rapid 7
    Red Hat Security Advisory
    rfp.labs (RainForestPuppy -
    RusH Security Team
    S-Quadra Security Research
    SCAN Associates
    SCO Security Advisory
    Secunia Research
    Secure Net Service (LAC)
    Secure Reality
    SecureXpert Labs
    Security .Net Information
    Sentinel Chicken Networks
    Sentry Union
    Shadow Penguin Security
    Shell Security
    SNS Research
    SP Research Labs
    STG Security
    Strategic Reconnaissance Team
    Sun Alert
    SUSE Security Announcement
    Symantec Advisory
    Tripbit Security Research Group
    Trust Factory
    Ubuntu Security Notice
    UkR Security Team
    UNDERSEC Security
    USSR (Underground Security Systems Research)
    Vietnamese Security Group
    Wkit Security AB

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Application (Calendar)
    Application (Certificate Management)
    Application (Commerce)
    Application (Database)
    Application (Directory)
    Application (E-mail Client)
    Application (E-mail Server)
    Application (File Transfer/Sharing)
    Application (Firewall)
    Application (Forum/Board/Portal)
    Application (Game)
    Application (Generic)
    Application (Instant Messaging/IRC/Chat)
    Application (Multimedia)
    Application (News)
    Application (Security)
    Application (VoIP)
    Application (VPN)
    Application (Web Browser)
    Application (Web Server/CGI)
    Device (Embedded Server/Appliance)
    Device (Encryption/VPN)
    Device (Firewall)
    Device (Intrusion Detection)
    Device (Multimedia)
    Device (PDA)
    Device (VoIP/Phone/FAX)
    Device (Printer)
    Device (Router/Bridge/Hub)
    Device (Storage)
    Networking Stack (TCP/IP)
    Networking Stack (NetWare)
    OS (BeOS)
    OS (Linux)
    OS (Mac)
    OS (Microsoft)
    OS (Other)
    OS (UNIX)

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Access control error
    Authentication error
    Boundary error
    Configuration error
    Exception handling error
    Input validation error
    Not specified
    Randomization error
    Resource error
    State error

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Denial of service via local system
    Denial of service via network
    Disclosure of authentication information
    Disclosure of system information
    Disclosure of user information
    Execution of arbitrary code via local system
    Execution of arbitrary code via network
    Host/resource access via network
    Modification of authentication information
    Modification of system information
    Modification of user information
    Not specified
    Root access via local system
    Root access via network
    User access via local system
    User access via network

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    Apple (iOS)
    Linux (Caldera/SCO)
    Linux (CentOS)
    Linux (Conectiva)
    Linux (Debian)
    Linux (EnGarde)
    Linux (Gentoo)
    Linux (HP Secure OS)
    Linux (Immunix)
    Linux (Mandriva/Mandrake)
    Linux (Oracle)
    Linux (Progeny Debian)
    Linux (Red Hat Enterprise)
    Linux (Red Hat Fedora)
    Linux (Red Hat Linux)
    Linux (SGI)
    Linux (Slackware)
    Linux (Sun)
    Linux (SuSE)
    Linux (Trustix)
    Linux (Turbo Linux)
    Linux (Ubuntu)
    Linux (Xandros)
    MPE/iX (HP)
    UNIX (AIX)
    UNIX (FreeBSD)
    UNIX (HP/UX)
    UNIX (macOS/OS X)
    UNIX (NetBSD)
    UNIX (OpenBSD)
    UNIX (Open UNIX-SCO)
    UNIX (Solaris - SunOS)
    UNIX (Tru64)
    Windows (CE)
    Windows (Me)
    Windows (NT)
    Windows (Phone)
    Windows (95)
    Windows (98)
    Windows (2000)
    Windows (2003)
    Windows (2008)
    Windows (2012)
    Windows (2016)
    Windows (7)
    Windows (8)
    Windows (10)
    Windows (Vista)
    Windows (XP)

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    121 WAM! Server
    1C-Arcadia Internet Store
    1st Class Mail Server
    1st Screen Lock
    1st Security Agent
    1Two Livre d'Or
    1Two News
    2037 Gestion Liens
    2Wire Gateway
    2X ThinClientServer
    3Com Baseline Switch
    3Com Intelligent Management Center
    3Com Network Supervisor
    3Com OfficeConnect Gigabit VPN Firewall
    3Com Router
    3DM Disk Management Utility
    4D Portal
    4D Web Server
    602Pro LAN Suite
    @1 File Store
    @lex Guestbook
    a ConMan
    A Handy Address Book Server
    A-A-S Application Access Server
    Aardvark Topsites PHP
    Ability FTP Server
    Ability Mail Server
    Ability Server
    Absolute Poll Manager XE
    Abyss Web Server
    Accellion Appliance
    Accenture Digital Diagnostics Engine
    Access Remote PC
    Accipiter DirectServer
    Acer ActiveX Control
    ACGV News
    Acoo Browser
    Acronis Backup
    ACS Blog
    Actinic Catalog
    Actiontec Router
    Active Auction House
    Active Classifieds
    Active MailServer
    Active News Manager
    Active WebCam
    Active! mail
    Activity Monitor
    Actuate Live Report Extension
    Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
    AD Summation iBlaze
    AD Systems
    Adaptive Server
    Adaptive Server Anywhere
    Add2it Mailman
    Administration Server (Netscape)
    ADN Forum
    Adobe Acrobat/Reader
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe AIR
    Adobe Analytics (Omniture SiteCatalyst)
    Adobe Audition
    Adobe Authorware
    Adobe BlazeDS
    Adobe Bridge
    Adobe Captivate
    Adobe ColdFusion
    Adobe Connect
    Adobe Content Server
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe Digital Editions
    Adobe Document Server
    Adobe Document Server for Reader Extensions
    Adobe Download Manager
    Adobe Dreamweaver
    Adobe Experience Manager
    Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe Font Folio
    Adobe Form Designer
    Adobe GoLive
    Adobe Graphics Server
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe InCopy
    Adobe InDesign
    Adobe LiveCycle
    Adobe PageMaker
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Adobe Presenter
    Adobe RoboHelp
    Adobe Shockwave
    Adobe SVG Viewer
    Adobe Version Cue
    AdRotate Pro
    Advanced Browser
    Advanced Guestbook (Chi Kien Uong)
    Advanced Poll
    Advanced Query Tool
    Advanced Uninstaller PRO
    Advantage Data Transport
    Advantech Ethernet I/O Module
    Adventia Chat Server
    Aestiva HTML/OS
    Affinity Path
    AfterStep CD Changer (ascdc)
    Aftpd (Old BSD/OS Port)
    Age of Sail II
    AhnLab V3
    AIDeX WebServer
    Aiglon Web Server
    AIPTEK Cameras
    Air Messenger LAN Server
    AIX Console
    Akamai Client Software
    Akamai Download Manager
    Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager
    Alcatel-Lucent 7705 Service Aggregation Router
    Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router
    Alcatel-Lucent Access Point
    Alcatel-Lucent MAX
    Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX
    Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch
    Alcatel-Lucent ORiNOCO
    Alcatel-Lucent PBX
    Alcatel-Lucent Service Router Operating System
    Alcatel-Lucent Speed Touch ADSL Router
    Alcatel-Lucent VitalNet
    Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP
    Alcatel-Lucent VPN Firewall
    Alchemy ArgentOffice
    Alchemy Eye
    Aldo's Web Server (AWeb)
    Alex's Ftp Server
    Alice Messenger
    Alivesites Forums
    Allaire Forums
    Allenchow POP3 Checker
    Allied Telesyn Routers
    Alpha Black Zero
    ALSA Utilities
    Alstom MiCOM Products
    AlstraSoft EPay Pro
    AlstraSoft Forum Pay Per Post Exchange
    Alteon ACEdirector
    AlterPath Manager
    Altiris Carbon Copy Solution
    Altiris Deployment Server (please use Symantec Deployment Server [Altiris])
    Altnet Download Manager
    Amazon Kindle Touch
    Amazon Webstore (JustWilliam's)
    AMETEK Annunciator
    AMETEK Universal Checkback Standalone System (UCBS)
    AMETEK Universal Power-Line Carrier
    AMP II Game Design System
    Amphora Gate
    AMX Mod
    AN HTTP Server
    Annuaire 1Two
    Anteco OwnServer
    Anti-Web HTTPD
    Anybus Modbus Gateway
    AOL Instant Messenger
    AOL Journals
    AOL Web Mail
    Apache ActiveMQ
    Apache Archiva
    Apache Axis
    Apache Batik
    Apache Cocoon
    Apache Commons Components
    Apache Commons Compress (please use Apache Commons Components)
    Apache Commons FileUpload (please use Apache Commons Components)
    Apache Continuum
    Apache CXF
    Apache Derby
    Apache Flex (formerly Adobe Flex)
    Apache HTTPD
    Apache mod_access_referer
    Apache mod_alias
    Apache mod_bf
    Apache mod_cgid
    Apache mod_dav
    Apache mod_digest
    Apache mod_fcgid
    Apache mod_include
    Apache mod_ntlm
    Apache mod_php
    Apache mod_proxy
    Apache mod_rewrite
    Apache mod_survey
    Apache mod_tcl
    Apache OFBiz
    Apache OpenOffice
    Apache Portable Runtime Library
    Apache Qpid
    Apache Santuario
    Apache Storm
    Apache Struts
    Apache Subversion
    Apache Tomcat
    Apache Traffic Server
    Apache VCL
    Apache Wicket
    Apache Xerces
    Apache ZooKeeper
    Apani EpiForce
    APC Advanced View
    APC Devices
    APC SmartSlot
    APC StruxureWare Data Center Expert
    Apple AirPort
    Apple Aperture
    Apple Bluetooth
    Apple Bonjour for Windows
    Apple Boot Camp
    Apple CFNetwork
    Apple CoreFoundation
    Apple CoreGraphics
    Apple Dashboard
    Apple Directory Services
    Apple FaceTime
    Apple File Protocol (AFP)
    Apple Font Book
    Apple FTPServer
    Apple GarageBand
    Apple Help Viewer
    Apple ImageIO
    Apple Internet Connect
    Apple iOS
    Apple iPad
    Apple iPhone
    Apple iPod touch
    Apple iTunes
    Apple iWork
    Apple Keynote
    Apple LoginWindow
    Apple macOS/OS X
    Apple Mail
    Apple Motion
    Apple Numbers
    Apple Pages
    Apple QuickDraw
    Apple QuickDraw Manager
    Apple QuickTime
    Apple QuickTime Java
    Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server
    Apple Remote Desktop
    Apple OS X Mail
    Apple OS X SystemConfiguration Subsystem
    Apple Safari
    Apple SecurityAgent
    Apple Software Update
    Apple Time Capsule
    Apple TV
    Apple Watch
    Apple Weblog Server
    Apple Workgroup Manager
    Apple Xcode
    Apple Xserve
    Appleshare IP FTP Server
    Application Control Management System (ACMS)
    Applied Watch Command Center
    ApplyYourself i-Class
    Aprox PHP Portal
    AQ Software
    AquaLogic Enterprise Security
    AquaLogic Service Bus
    Aquonics File Manager
    Arab Portal
    Archangel Weblog
    Ares Fileshare
    ArGoSoft FTP Server
    ArGoSoft Mail Server
    Army Men
    ARSC Really Simple Chat
    Articulate Studio
    artmedic hpmaker
    artmedic kleinanzeigen
    artmedic links
    Aruba AP
    Aruba Mobility Controller
    AS/400 HTTP Server
    AS/400 LDAP Server
    ASE Substation Alarm Manager (SAM)
    Asn Guestbook
    ASP Chat
    ASP Client Check
    ASP Discussion Forum
    ASP Forum
    ASP Gastebuch
    ASP Guestbook Manager
    ASP Inline Corporate Calendar
    ASP Message Board (Infuseum)
    ASP Portal
    ASP Resources Forum
    ASP Stats Generator
    ASP Virtual News Manager
    ASP-DEV Discussion Forum
    ASP-DEv XM Forum
    ASP Nuke
    aspReady FAQ Manager
    Astaro Security Linux
    ASUS Router
    ASX Series (ATM Switches)
    AT-TFTP Server
    AtHoc Toolbar
    ATM on Linux (linux-atm)
    Atomic Photo Album
    Attachmate Reflection
    Attachmate Verastream
    Attachment Mod
    Attack Mitigator IPS
    Attila PHP
    AudienceConnect - RemoteEditor
    AudienceConnect - SecureEditor
    Authoria HR Suite
    Auto nice daemon (AND)
    Autodesk 3ds Max
    Autodesk AutoCAD
    Autodesk Backburner
    Autodesk i-drop
    Autodesk Maya
    Autodesk Softimage
    Automatic File Distributor (AFD)
    Autonomous LAN Party
    AutoRank PHP
    AutoRank Pro
    Autoresponder (MeepZor)
    Avant Browser
    Avaya Aura Application Server
    Avaya Aura System Manager
    Avaya Call Management System (CMS) Supervisor
    Avaya Communication Manager
    Avaya Converged Communication Server
    Avaya IP Agent
    Avaya IP Softphone
    Avaya Media Server (Definity One)
    Avaya Modular Messaging
    Avaya VPN Client
    Avenger's News System
    AVG Anti-Virus
    AVIRA Desktop for Windows
    Avirt SOHO/Gateway
    Avirt Voice
    Aweb's Banner Generator
    Aweb's Scripts Seller
    aXentForum II
    Axis Network Camera
    Aztech Router
    Aztek Forum
    B-FOCuS Router
    Baal Smart Form
    Back Office
    Backup Manager
    BadBlue Web Server
    Bahamut IRCd
    Barr Print Products
    Barracuda IM Firewall
    Barracuda Link Balancer
    Barracuda NG Firewall
    Barracuda Spam Firewall
    Barracuda SSL VPN
    Barracuda Web Application Firewall
    Barracuda Web Filter
    Barricade Wireless Router
    BAS 1000 Broadband SMS
    BasiliX Mail Gateway
    BaSoMail (MailServer by SH39.NET)
    Batalla Naval
    Battlefield 1942
    Battlefield Vietnam
    BBPro Store Builder
    BBS e-Market Professional
    BCM5820 Linux Driver
    BEA JRockit
    Beanwebb Guestbook
    Beckhoff CANopen Bus Coupler
    Beckwith Control
    Beckwith Protection
    Beckwith Relay
    Becky! Internet Mail
    Beehive Forum
    Belkin Modem/Router
    Belkin Wireless Network Access Point
    Benders Calendar
    BenHur Server Appliance
    Best Top List
    betaparticle blog
    Better Basket Pro
    Beyond Compare
    Big Faceless PDF library
    Big Sam
    BIND Resolver Libraries
    BinTec Routers
    Bird Chat
    Bit9 Parity
    BitDefender Scan Online
    Bitrix Site Manager
    Bitvise FlowSsh Library
    Bitvise SSH Client
    Bitvise SSH Server
    BK Forum
    Black Box ServSelect III KVM
    Black Tie Project (BTP)
    BlackBerry Application Web Loader
    BlackBerry Desktop Software
    BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    BlackBerry Link
    Blackberry OS
    Blackberry PlayBook
    BlackBoard (
    BlackMoon FTP Server
    Blahz DNS
    Blog (PluggedOut)
    Blog System
    Blog Torrent
    Blue Coat Director
    Blue Coat IntelligenceCenter
    Blue Coat iShared
    Blue Coat PacketShaper
    Blue Coat ProxyAV
    Blue Coat ProxySG
    Blue Coat Reporter
    Blue Coat Spyware Interceptor
    Blue Coat WinProxy
    Bluetooth Setup Assistant
    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping
    BMC Performance Manager (Patrol)
    BMC Remedy Action Request System
    BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite
    BMC Visualizer
    BNBT EasyTracker
    Board Power
    Bomgar Remote Support Jump Client
    Book of Guests
    BookIt! Consumer
    Books Module for PostNuke (pn-mod-books)
    BorderWare MXtreme
    Borland Caliber
    Borland Web Server
    BosClassifieds Classified Ad System
    BoxTone Core
    BPM Studio Pro
    Brainspace Discovery
    BrightStor Enterprise Backup
    BrightStor Portal
    BrightStor SAN Manager
    Brocade Switch
    Broker FTP Server
    Brother Print Server
    Brown Orifice httpd (BOHTTPD)
    BRS WebWeaver
    BSafe (NASI)
    BT Voyager 2000 Wireless ADSL Router
    BudgeTone SIP Phones
    Bug Report
    BUGS - The Bug Genie
    Bulk Data Services
    Bulk Mailer
    BulletProof FTP (BFTP) Server (Gene6 FTP Server)
    BusinessObjects Enterprise
    C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management
    CA 2E Web Option
    CA ACF2
    CA API Developer Portal
    CA Arcot WebFort
    CA ARCserve Backup
    CA ARCserve Backup for Laptops and Desktops
    CA ARCserve D2D
    CA BrightStor Hierarchical Storage Manager
    CA Business Protection Suite
    CA Client Automation
    CA Cloud Service Management
    CA Common Services
    CA ControlMinder
    CA Database Management
    CA DMPrimer
    CA DSM Agent
    CA eHealth
    CA ERwin Data Modeler
    CA eTrust Audit
    CA Gateway Security
    CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System
    CA iGateway
    CA Internet Security
    CA License
    CA NSM
    CA Output Management Web Viewer
    CA Performance Management
    CA Personal Firewall
    CA Release Automation
    CA Resource Initialization Manager
    CA Server Protection Suite
    CA Service Desk
    CA Service Metric Analysis
    CA SiteMinder
    CA Software Delivery
    CA Threat Manager
    CA Total Defense
    CA Vantage GMI
    CA Workload Control Center
    CA XCOM Data Transport
    CA XOsoft
    Cabacos Web CMS
    Cain and Abel
    Cajun Network Switches
    Call of Duty
    Camtasia Studio
    Canon Copier
    Canon Network Camera
    Capturix ScanShare
    Caravan Business Server
    Care 2002
    Carello Shopping Cart
    CaseWare Working Papers
    CatalogIntegrator Cart
    Cayman 3220-H ADSL Gateway
    Cb Endpoint Security Platform
    CC Guestbook
    CC Log
    CCC (
    Centennial Discovery
    Centrex IP Client Manager
    Centrify Server Suite
    Cerbere Proxy Server
    Cerberus FTP Server
    Cerberus Helpdesk
    CERN Server
    CFE Exam Prep Course (2015)
    CGI Debugger
    CGI Lite
    CGI Online Worldweb Shopping (COWS)
    Cgi scripts (by Fastgraf)
    Charon Cart
    Chat Anywhere
    Chat Server (12Planet)
    Chat Server (
    Chat Xtra (MPCSoftWeb)
    Check B. O.
    Check Point Endpoint Security Server
    Check Point Integrity
    Check Point Media Encryption (Pointsec Protector)
    Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade
    Check Point Safe@Office
    Check Point Web Intelligence
    Checkpoint and Restart (CPR)
    Cherokee Web Server
    Chesapeake TFTP Server
    Chipmunk CMS
    Chipmunk Forum
    Chipmunk Guestbook
    ChitChat Message Board
    Chris Moneymakers World Poker Championship
    Chrome Video Game
    CICS Transaction Server
    Cilem Haber
    CIS WebServer
    Cisco 10000 Series Routers
    Cisco 12000 Series Routers
    Cisco 2900 Series Router
    Cisco 7600 Series Router
    Cisco Access Points
    Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager
    Cisco Airespace Wireless LAN Controllers
    Cisco Aironet
    Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
    Cisco Application and Content Networking System
    Cisco Application Control Engine
    Cisco Application Extension Platform
    Cisco Application Networking Manager
    Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
    Cisco Application Velocity System
    Cisco ASA
    Cisco ASR Router
    Cisco ATA Analog Telephone Adaptor
    Cisco Broadband Access Center Telco Wireless Software
    Cisco Broadband Operating System (CBOS)
    Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch
    Cisco Building Broadband Service Manager (BBSM)
    Cisco Cable Modem
    Cisco Cache Software/ACNS
    Cisco Carrier Routing System
    Cisco Catalyst 6000 IDS Module
    Cisco Catalyst Switch
    Cisco Cius
    Cisco Clean Access
    Cisco Cloud Portal
    Cisco Cloud Services Platform
    Cisco CNS Network Registrar
    Cisco Collaboration Server
    Cisco Conference Connection
    Cisco Connected Grid Products
    Cisco Content Delivery System
    Cisco Content Security Management Appliance
    Cisco Content Services Gateway
    Cisco Content Services Switch
    Cisco Content Switching Module
    Cisco Context Directory Agent
    Cisco Customer Response Application Server (CRA)
    Cisco Data Center Network Manager
    Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience
    Cisco Device Manager
    Cisco Digital Media Products
    Cisco DSL Switch
    Cisco Element Management Framework
    Cisco Email Security Appliance
    Cisco Emergency Responder
    Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System
    Cisco Ethernet Subscriber Solution Engine
    Cisco Finesse
    Cisco FireSIGHT
    Cisco Firewall Services Module
    Cisco Gigabit Security Router
    Cisco Global Site Selector (GSS)
    Cisco Guard
    Cisco Headend Digital Broadband Delivery System
    Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
    Cisco Hosting Solution Engine
    Cisco Identity Services Engine
    Cisco IDS Device Manager
    Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switch
    Cisco Industrial Integrated Services Routers
    Cisco Intercompany Media Engine
    Cisco Internet Service Node
    Cisco Intrusion Prevention System
    Cisco IOS
    Cisco IP Call Center Express
    Cisco IP Communicator
    Cisco IP Interactive Voice Response
    Cisco IP Manager
    Cisco IP Phones
    Cisco IP/VC
    Cisco IPSec VPN Services Module
    Cisco Jabber for Windows
    Cisco Jabber Guest
    Cisco MDS
    Cisco Media Experience Engine
    Cisco Media Gateway Controller
    Cisco MediaSense
    Cisco Meeting Server
    Cisco Metro DWDM
    Cisco MGX WAN Switches
    Cisco Mobility Services Engine
    Cisco NAC Guest Server
    Cisco NetFlow Collection Engine
    Cisco NetFlow Generation Appliance
    Cisco Network Admission Control
    Cisco Network Building Mediator
    Cisco Network Registrar
    Cisco NRP2
    Cisco NX-OS
    Cisco Online Help System
    Cisco ONS
    Cisco Personal Assistant
    Cisco PGW Softswitch
    Cisco Physical Access Gateway
    Cisco PIX Firewall
    Cisco PIX Firewall Manager
    Cisco Prime Access Registrar
    Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution
    Cisco Prime Collaboration
    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
    Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution
    Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module
    Cisco Prime Network Control System
    Cisco Prime Network Registrar
    Cisco Prime Security Manager
    Cisco Prime Service Catalog
    Cisco Router Web Setup
    Cisco SA500 Series Security Appliance
    Cisco Secure Access Control System
    Cisco Secure Content Accelerator
    Cisco Secure Desktop
    Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System
    Cisco Secure Services Client
    Cisco Security Agent
    Cisco Security Manager
    Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System
    Cisco Server Provisioner Software
    Cisco Service Control Engine
    Cisco Services Portal
    Cisco Show and Share
    Cisco Small Business 220 Series
    Cisco Small Business RV Series
    Cisco Small Business SRP Series
    Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router
    Cisco Snort
    Cisco SocialMiner
    Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker
    Cisco Subscriber Edge Services Manager (SESM)
    Cisco TelePresence
    Cisco TFTP Server
    Cisco Tidal Enterprise
    Cisco Tivoli Business Service Manager
    Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector
    Cisco Transport Controller
    Cisco Transport Gateway
    Cisco Trust Agent
    Cisco uBR Universal Broadband Routers
    Cisco uBR900 Series Cable Access Routers
    Cisco Unified Communications
    Cisco Unified Communications Disaster Recovery Framework
    Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager
    Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)
    Cisco Unified Computing System
    Cisco Unified Contact Center
    Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal
    Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
    Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management
    Cisco Unified IP Conference Station
    Cisco Unified MeetingPlace
    Cisco Unified Operations Manager
    Cisco Unified Presence
    Cisco Unified Service Monitor
    Cisco Unified Videoconferencing
    Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager
    Cisco Unity
    Cisco Universal Gateway
    Cisco Universal Small Cell
    Cisco User Registration Tool
    Cisco Video Surveillance Camera
    Cisco Video Surveillance IP Gateway
    Cisco Video Surveillance Software
    Cisco Virtualization Experience Client
    Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator
    Cisco VPN 5000 Client
    Cisco VPN 5000 Concentrator
    Cisco VPN Client
    Cisco Warranty CD
    Cisco Web Security Appliance
    Cisco WebEx Downloader
    Cisco WebEx Event Center
    Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
    Cisco WebEx Meeting Manager
    Cisco WebEx Meetings Server
    Cisco WebEx MeetMeNow
    Cisco WebEx Player
    Cisco WebEx Sales Center
    Cisco WebEx Training Center
    Cisco WebVPN
    Cisco Wide Area Application Services
    Cisco Wireless Control System
    Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
    Cisco Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE)
    Cisco Wireless Location Appliance
    Cisco Wireless Residential Gateway
    Citi Mobile
    Citrix Access Gateway
    Citrix Advanced Access Control
    Citrix Application Gateway
    Citrix CloudPlatform
    Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager
    Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager
    Citrix Command Center
    Citrix EdgeSight
    Citrix ICA Client
    Citrix License Server
    Citrix NetScaler
    Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent
    Citrix Provisioning Services
    Citrix Receiver
    Citrix Secure Gateway
    Citrix ShareFile Mobile
    Citrix VDI-in-a-Box
    Citrix Web Interface
    Citrix XenApp (MetaFrame Presentation Server)
    Citrix XenCenterWeb
    Citrix XenClient
    Citrix XenDesktop
    Citrix XenMobile Device Manager
    Citrix XenServer
    CJUltra Plus
    Clam AntiVirus
    ClanLib Game SDK
    Claris Emailer
    class-1 Forum Software
    Classic Environment
    Classified System
    ClearPath Servers
    Clever Copy
    Cliff's Form Mailer (form.cgi)
    Clustered JDBC
    CMS Made Simple
    CMS Mundo
    CNET CatchUp
    CodeAvalanche FreeForum
    Codename Eagle
    CoffeeCup Password Wizard
    Colin McRae Rally 04
    Columbia SIP User Agent (sipc)
    Comdev eCommerce
    Comdev News Publisher
    Comdev One Admin
    Comment Board
    Common C++
    Common Data Format Library
    Common Desktop Environment
    CommonName Toolbar
    CommuniGate Pro
    Community Link
    Community Server
    Community Wizard
    Comodo Firewall Pro
    Comodo Internet Security
    Compaq Presario Customer Support Features
    Compaq Secure Web Server
    Compaq Web-enabled Management Software
    Compaq Wireless Gateway
    Complete PHP Counter
    Comprehensive Web Programming API (CwpApi)
    Compulsive Media News
    Compuware dynaTrace
    COMsuite CTI ControlCenter
    Comtrol DeviceMaster RTS
    Conceptronic Router
    Conectiva Linux
    Conexant Access Runner
    Construx Estimate
    Consumer Banking Suite
    Consumer Transaction Framework
    Control IT
    Convex 3D
    Cookie Cart
    Cool Cafe
    COOL! Remote Control
    CoolUtils Mail Viewer
    CopperExport for iPhoto
    Coppermine Photo Gallery
    Core FTP
    Corel Paint Shop Pro
    Corel WinDVD
    Corel WordPerfect
    CorporateTime Outlook Connector
    Cosminexus Portal Framework
    Courier Mail Server
    CPG Dragonfly
    CPU (Generic)
    CRA Wiz
    Crafy Syntax Live Help
    Crane Turtle Mail
    Crazy Browser
    CreaFrameXe (CFXe)
    Crimson Editor
    Crob FTP Server
    Crosscomm Routers
    Cryptographic File System (CFS)
    Cryptomathic PrimeInk
    Crystal FTP
    Crystal Reports
    CSGuestbook (
    cs* Scripts
    Cuadra STAR
    CubeCart (formerly eStore)
    Curses Library (curses, ncurses)
    Cute PHP Library
    CVX Multi-Service Access Switch
    Cyber Web Filter
    CyberDOCS DOCSFusion
    Cybereason ActiveProbe
    CyberLink PowerDVD
    CyberShop ASP
    CyberStrong eShop
    CyBoards PHP Lite
    Cybozu Office
    Cyclonic WebMail
    Cyrus IMAP Server
    Cyrus IMSP
    Cyrus SASL
    D-Link Camera
    D-Link Print Server
    D-Link Router
    D-LinkAir DWL-1000AP Wireless Access Point
    Dada Mail
    Dalmatech Site Administration Panel (dSAP)
    DansGuardian Webmin Module
    Dansie Shopping Cart
    Data Display Debugger (DDD)
    Data ONTAP OS
    Dataflight Opticon
    Daydream BBS
    dBpowerAMP Audio Player
    dBpowerAMP Music Converter
    DCAM WebCam Server
    DConnect Daemon
    DECwindows Motif Server
    Dell ActiveX Control
    Dell NetVault Backup
    Dell OpenManage
    Dell SonicWALL
    Dell SonicWALL Email Security
    Dell TrueMobile
    DelphiTurk Codebank
    DelphiTurk FTP
    Demarc PureSecure
    Desktop Orbiter
    DeviceXPlorer OPC Server
    DFS Web Secure
    DiamondCS Process Guard
    DiGi WWW Server
    Digital Scribe
    Dino's WebServer
    Direct Connect
    Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI)
    Directory Manager
    Directory Pro (CGI)
    Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC)
    divine Content Server
    DivX Player
    DMS POP3 Server
    DNews News Server
    DNS Manager System
    DNS One
    Doomsday Engine
    dotWidget CMS
    Double Choco Latte
    Download Center Lite
    DOXport Cable Modem
    Dqs (Distributed Queueing System)
    Dr. Watson
    Drag and Zip
    Dragon IDS
    Dragonfly Commerce
    Dream FTP Server
    Dropbear SSH Server
    Dt Utilities
    Dual DHCP DNS Server
    DUportal / DUportal Pro
    Dwarf HTTP Server
    DX Application Acceleration Platform
    DYMO Label Software
    Dynalink ADSL Router
    Dynamic Guestbook
    Dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) (Generic)
    Dynamic Ratings E Series
    DynFX MailServer
    Dynu FTP
    DzSoft PHP Editor
    E-Cart Mod
    E-Post Mail Server
    e-Quick Cart
    E-Store Kit-2
    e107 website system
    East-Tec Eraser 2000
    Easy Chat Server
    Easy File Sharing Web Server
    Easy Guestbook
    Easy Homepage Creator
    Easy Message Board
    EasyBoard 2000
    EasyIns Stadtportal
    EasyNews PRO
    EasyWeb FileManager
    Eaton SMP Gateway
    Eazy Cart (
    eBay Picture Manager
    eCentrex Web Phone
    ECLiPt Roaster (ERoaster)
    eCopy PDF Pro
    ECS Mainboard
    Edge Media Router
    Edimax Router
    EF Commander
    Effect Office
    Efficient Networks Router
    Ekiga (GnomeMeeting)
    Eksperymentalny Klient Gadu-Gadu (ekg)
    eL DAPo
    Elite News
    Elron Internet Manager Suite
    Email Accelerator
    EmailArchitect Email Server
    Embedded Support Partner (IRIX)
    EMC AlphaStor
    EMC ApplicationXtender
    EMC Atmos
    EMC AutoStart
    EMC Avamar
    EMC Captiva
    EMC Celerra
    EMC Centera Universal Access
    EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance
    EMC Connectrix
    EMC ControlCenter SAN Manager
    EMC Data Domain
    EMC Data Protection Advisor
    EMC Disk Library
    EMC DiskXtender
    EMC Document Sciences xPression
    EMC Documentum
    EMC HomeBase
    EMC Ionix
    EMC Navisphere Manager
    EMC NetWorker
    EMC RecoverPoint
    EMC Replication Manager
    EMC RepliStor
    EMC Secure Remote Services
    EMC Smarts
    EMC SourceOne
    EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager
    EMC Unisphere
    EMC Watch4net
    EMCO Unlock IT
    Employee Toolkit (Best Buy)
    EMU Webmail
    Emulex FibreChannel Hub
    EnableSoft Foxtrot
    Enceladus Server Suite
    Encore Web Forum
    Encrypted Virtual Filesystem (EVFS)
    Energizer DUO Charger
    Enfocus PitStop
    Engorile Video Gallery
    Enscript (GNU)
    Enterasys NetSight
    Enterasys Vertical Horizon
    Enterprise Groupware System
    Enterprise Security Analyzer
    Enterprise Server (Netscape)
    EnterpriseTimeSheet and Payroll
    Entrust Authority
    Entrust Secure Transaction Platform
    Epson Connect
    Epson Event Manager
    Epson Fax Utility
    Epson Scan
    Ericsson Modem
    Ericsson WAP Mobile Phones
    ERLPhase B-PRO Relay
    Error Manager
    eSafe Gateway
    ESMI PayPal Storefront
    Essentia Web Server
    eStara Softphone
    Eternal Lines Web Server
    EtherFast Router
    Ethernet Device Driver (Generic)
    eTrust Admin
    eTrust Antivirus
    eTrust Intrusion Detection
    eTrust Security Command Center
    Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS)
    Eudora WorldMail Server
    Eurofull E-Commerce
    Event Calendar (PHP-Nuke Module)
    Event Detector Daemon (edd)
    EvGenius Counter
    ExBB Italiano
    Exchange Instant Messenger
    eXchange POP3
    Expinion Member Management System
    Expinion News Manager
    eXtended Account Managing Software (XAMS)
    Extreme Switch
    ExtremeWare XOS
    Exuberent Ctags
    Eye of Gnome
    eyeIS (ParSec)
    eZ httpbench
    eZ publish
    EZ Server
    EZ-Web Site Builder
    EZGuestbook (HTMLJunction)
    EZsite Forum
    F-Prot Antivirus
    F-Secure Anti-Virus
    F-Secure BackWeb
    F-Secure BlackLight
    F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper
    F-Secure Internet Security
    F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway
    F-Secure Personal Express
    F-Secure Policy Manager
    F5 3-DNS
    F5 BIG-IP
    F5 Data Manager
    F5 Enterprise Manager
    F5 FirePass
    Face Control
    Falcon Web Server
    FarBar Recovery Scan Tool
    Fast Browser Pro
    Fast Click
    Fast Click SQL Lite
    Fast File System (FFS)
    Fastream NETFile Server
    FastStone 4in1 Browser
    File Alteration Monitor (FAM)
    File Sharing for net
    File Transfer Anywhere
    File Upload Manager
    File Upload Script (up.php)
    FileCOPA FTP Server
    Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE)
    Fileutils (GNU)
    FireEye EndPoint Security
    Firefly Media Server
    Firestorm NIDS
    FireWire Driver
    Fixit iDMS Pro
    Fizmez Web Server
    Flash FTP Server
    Flash Messaging System
    FLEXnet Connect
    FlexNet License Server Manager
    Flipper Poll
    FLIR A-Series
    FLIR FC-S Series
    Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
    FoolProof Security
    foresite CMS
    ForgeRock Identity Platform
    Form Mail Script
    Form Sender
    Fortibus CMS
    Fortinet FortiADC
    Fortinet FortiAnalyzer
    Fortinet FortiClient
    Fortinet FortiGate/FortiOS
    Fortinet FortiLog
    Fortinet FortiMail
    Fortinet FortiManager
    Fortinet FortiReporter
    Fortinet FortiWeb
    Fortres 101
    Forum (MPCSoftWeb)
    Forum Du Dobermann
    Forum Web Server
    Forum/Chat Software for ASP.NET
    Foundation Clipper
    Foxit Reader
    Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC)
  &nbsnbsp; free QBoard
    Free SMTP Server
    Free Web Chat
    FreeBSD Kernel
    Freedom Scientific JAWS
    Freedom Scientific MAGic
    FreeSpace 2
    FreeStyle Chat Server
    FreeStyle Wiki
    Fresh Guest Book
    Froogle Uploader (68 Designs)
    fsr_xfs (XFS Filesystem Reorganizer)
    FTP (Generic)
    FTP (HP/UX)
    FTP (Microsoft)
    FTP (NetBSD)
    FTP (TYPSoft)
    FTP Desktop
    Ftp Facil
    FTP Now
    FTP Server (Bryan Cairns)
    FTP Service (stsoft)
    FTP Surfer
    FTP Voyager
    FTP++ (Fastream)
    FTPoed Blog Engine
    Fujitsu Interstage
    Fujitsu ScanSnap
    Fujitsu Web-Based Admin View
    Fujitsu-Siemens WebTransactions
    FUN labs Games
    Fusion News
    GA's Forum
    Gadwin PrintScreen
    GameSpy Arcade
    GameSpy SDK
    Garmin Communicator Plugin
    Gastebuch (
    Gator eWallet
    Gattaca Server
    GD Library
    GE Substation Controllers
    Gene6 FTP Server
    Genius VideoCAM
    Getgrnam() function
    GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner
    GFI MailSecurity
    Ghost Recon
    Giga-Byte Technology Router
    GigaFast Router
    GIPTables Firewall
    GKrellM Newsticker
    Global Election Management System (GEMS)
    Global PRO Policy Manager Server
    Global Trade Navigator
    GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server
    GMail Drive
    GMS Mail (NTMail)
    Gnofract 4D
    GNOME Desktop
    GNOME Display Manager
    GNOME Evolution
    GNOME NetworkManager
    GNOME Structured File Library
    GNU Ada compiler (GNAT)
    GNU Anubis
    GNU Arch (tla)
    GNU Aspell
    GNU bash
    GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
    GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
    GNU Mailutils
    GNU nano
    GNU Project Debugger (GDB)
    GNU R
    GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard)
    Go Smart Forum
    GoAhead Web Server
    Golden FTP Server
    Google Android
    Google Chrome
    Google Desktop Search
    Google Earth
    Google Nexus
    Google Picasa
    Google Search Appliance
    Google Talk
    Google Toolbar
    GOOP Gallery
    Gossamer Links
    Gravity Board X
    GreenBeast CMS
    Grey Sparling PS/nVision Excel add-in
    Groff pic
    Groove Virtual Office
    Groove Workspace
    Ground Control II
    Grub Web Crawler
    GS-400 Storage Server
    Guest Book (Orplex Consulting)
    Guest Gear
    GuestBook (ASPjar)
    Guestbook (Barnett, Ben)
    Guestbook (Chi Kien Uong)
    Guestbook (EternalMart)
    Guestbook (Maloney, Jason)
    GuestBook (MPCSoftWeb)
    GuestBook (Rainman)
    Guestbook (Sukru Alatas)
    Guestbook for WebAPP
    Guestbook tr3.a
    Gurgens Guest Book
    GXV IP Video Phone
    Gyach Enhanced
    H.323 Implementation (Generic)
    HAHTsite Scenario Server
    Hangul Elvis Package (helvis)
    Hathaway System Northwest RTU
    Hawking Technology Router
    Helix DNA Server
    Helix Player
    Helix Universal Server
    Help Center (helpctr.exe)
    Help Center Live
    Help Desk
    HelpDesk PRO (WebSoft)
    Hex Workshop
    Hexamail Server
    HFS File System
    HID Fargo Printer
    HID Fargo Workbench
    High bandwidth Digital Content Protection
    Highwall Enterprise
    Hired Team
    Hitachi Business Logic - Container
    Hitachi Directory Server
    Hitachi HITSENSER Data Mart Server
    Hitachi JP1/NetInsight II
    Hitachi JP1/ServerConductor/Deployment Manager
    Hitachi TP1
    Hitachi Web Server
    Home Ftp Server
    Homebet Internet Betting
    HomeConnect Cable Modem
    Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator
    Honeywell Pro-Watch
    Horde Application Framework
    Horde Groupware
    Horde Internet Messaging Program (IMP)
    Horde Kronolith
    Hosting Controller
    Hot Open Tickets (HOT)
    Hotfoon4.exe Dialer
    HotPlug CMS
    HotSync Manager
    HP Access Control
    HP Compaq Notebook PC BIOS
    HP Computer
    HP DreamScreen
    HP Easy Printer Care Software
    HP ElitePad
    HP Help and Support Center
    HP Instant Support
    HP Managed Printing Administration
    HP MFP Digital Sending Software
    HP Onboard Administrator
    HP Printer
    HP Photo & Imaging
    HP Smart Update Manager
    HP Smart Zero Client
    HP Software Update
    HP USB Floppy Drive Key
    HP Web Jetadmin
    HP XP P9000 Command View Advanced Edition
    HPE Application Lifecycle Management
    HPE Application Lifecycle Manager
    HPE Application Server
    HPE ArcSight Connectors
    HPE ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager
    HPE AssetManager
    HPE Autonomy Ultraseek (Inktomi Enterprise Search)
    HPE BladeSystem
    HPE Business Availability Center
    HPE Business Process Monitor
    HPE Business Service Automation Essentials
    HPE Business Service Management
    HPE Carrier Grade Servers
    HPE Client Automation Enterprise Infrastructure
    HPE Cluster Object Manager
    HPE Data Protector Express
    HPE Database and Middleware Automation
    HPE Database Archiving Software
    HPE Diagnostics
    HPE Directories Support for ProLiant Management Processors
    HPE Discovery & Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI)
    HPE Enterprise Discovery
    HPE Enterprise Maps
    HPE Fibre Channel Switch
    HPE Fortify Software Security Center
    HPE Helion CloudSystem
    HPE HTTP Server
    HPE IceWall
    HPE Ignite-UX
    HPE Insight Diagnostics
    HPE Insight Managed System Setup Wizard
    HPE Insight Management Agents
    HPE Insight Orchestration
    HPE Insight Recovery
    HPE Insight Software Installer
    HPE integrated Lights Out (iLO)
    HPE Integrity Server
    HPE Intelligent Management Center
    HPE IT Executive Scorecard
    HPE LeftHand Virtual SAN Appliance
    HPE Linux Imaging and Printing Project (hplip)
    HPE LoadRunner
    HPE MagCloud
    HPE Mercury Monitor
    HPE Network Automation
    HPE Network Virtualization
    HPE NonStop Server
    HPE Object Action Manager
    HPE OneView (Insight Control)
    HPE OpenView Client Configuration Manager
    HPE OpenView Event Correlation Services
    HPE OpenView Network Node Manager
    HPE OpenView Radia
    HPE OpenView Select Identity
    HPE Operations Dashboard
    HPE Operations Manager
    HPE Operations Orchestration
    HPE P6000 Command View
    HPE Performance Center
    HPE Performance Insight
    HPE Performance Manager
    HPE Power Manager Remote Agent
    HPE ProCurve Identity Driven Manager
    HPE ProCurve Manager
    HPE ProCurve Switch
    HPE Project and Portfolio Management Center
    HPE ProLiant Array Configuration Utility
    HPE ProLiant Essentials
    HPE ProLiant SL Advanced Power Manager
    HPE ProLiant Support Pack
    HPE Protect Tools
    HPE Quality Center
    HPE Quick Launch Button
    HPE Release Control
    HPE Remote Graphics Software
    HPE Secure OS Software for Linux
    HPE Select Access
    HPE Server Automation
    HPE Service Manager
    HPE Service Virtualization
    HPE ServiceCenter
    HPE Servicecontrol Manager (SCM)
    HPE Serviceguard
    HPE SiteScope
    HPE SNMP Agents
    HPE SOA Registry Foundation
    HPE Storage Essentials
    HPE StorageWorks
    HPE StorageWorks Command View XP
    HPE StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools
    HPE StorageWorks Modular Smart Array
    HPE StorageWorks Secure Path
    HPE StorageWorks Storage Mirroring
    HPE StoreOnce D2D Backup System
    HPE StoreVirtual Storage
    HPE Support Tools Manager
    HPE System Health Application
    HPE System Management Homepage
    HPE Systems Insight Manager
    HPE Tru64
    HPE Unified Functional Testing
    HPE Universal Configuration Management Database
    HPE Version Control Agent
    HPE Version Control Repository Manager
    HPE Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
    HPE Virtual Machine Manager
    HPE Virtual Rooms
    HPE Virtual SAN Appliance
    HPE Virtual Server Environment
    HPE Visualize Conference
    HPE VPN Firewall Module
    HPE WBEM Services
    HPE WebInspect
    HP-UX AAA Server
    HP-UX ARPA Transport
    HP-UX File System
    HP-UX Itanium Build
    HP-UX Trusted Systems
    HT Editor
    HTC Phone
    HTML Guardian
    HTTP Anti Virus Proxy
    Http explorer
    HTTP Fetcher
    httpd (OpenBSD)
    httpd (Rees, Jim)
    httpd for PalmOS
    Huawei S5720
    Hughes Billing
    Hummingbird Connectivity
    Hyper Estraier
    i2 Analyst's Notebook
    i2 Visual Notebook
    i386 syscalls
    IA eMailServer
    IA WebMail Server
    IBM 4758 Cryptographic Coprocessor
    IBM acpRunner
    IBM AFP Viewer
    IBM API Management
    IBM BladeCenter
    IBM Business Process Manager
    IBM Cloudscape
    IBM Cognos
    IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition
    IBM Content Manager for z/OS
    IBM DB2
    IBM DB2 WWW Connection
    IBM Director
    IBM Disk Systems
    IBM eDiscovery Manager
    IBM eGatherer
    IBM FileNet Content Manager
    IBM Flex System Manager
    IBM Forms Viewer
    IBM Hardware Management Console
    IBM HTTP Server (IHS)
    IBM Informix I-Spy
    IBM InfoSphere BigInsights
    IBM InfoSphere Business Glossary
    IBM InfoSphere DataStage
    IBM InfoSphere Information Server
    IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench
    IBM Infosphere Optim
    IBM InfoSphere QualityStage
    IBM InfoSphere Replication Server
    IBM iNotes and Domino
    IBM Intelligent Operations Center
    IBM License Metric Tool
    IBM Lotus Connections
    IBM Lotus Expeditor
    IBM Lotus Mobile Connect
    IBM Lotus QuickPlace
    IBM Lotus Quickr
    IBM Lotus Symphony
    IBM Lotus Web Content Management
    IBM OmniFind
    IBM Parallel Environment
    IBM Performance Tools
    IBM ProfileStage
    IBM Proventia
    IBM Rational Asset Manager
    IBM Rational Build Forge
    IBM Rational ClearCase
    IBM Rational ClearQuest
    IBM Rational Developer for System z
    IBM Rational License Key Server
    IBM Rational Quality Manager
    IBM Rational RequisitePro
    IBM Rational Rhapsody
    IBM Rational Software Architect
    IBM Rational System Architect
    IBM Rational Team Concert
    IBM Rational Team Unifying Platform
    IBM Rational Unified Process
    IBM Records Manager
    IBM Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology (RSCT)
    IBM Sametime
    IBM Security Access Manager
    IBM Security AppScan
    IBM Security Guardium
    IBM Security Identity Manager
    IBM Security Network IPS
    IBM Security Network Protection
    IBM solidDB
    IBM Spectrum Protect (IBM Tivoli Storage Manager)
    IBM Storwize
    IBM Support Assistant
    IBM System Storage
    IBM Systems Director
    IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager
    IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager
    IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database
    IBM Tivoli Common Reporting
    IBM Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager
    IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager
    IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
    IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files
    IBM Tivoli Directory Server
    IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager
    IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
    IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager
    IBM Tivoli Firewall Security Toolbox
    IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager
    IBM Tivoli Management Framework
    IBM Tivoli Monitoring
    IBM Tivoli Netcool Reporter
    IBM Tivoli Netcool Security Manager
    IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitor
    IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus
    IBM Tivoli NetView
    IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager
    IBM Tivoli Remote Control
    IBM Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager
    IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler
    IBM Trading Partner Interchange
    IBM Trusteer
    IBM Web Experience Factory
    IBM WEBi
    IBM WebSM
    IBM WebSphere
    IBM WebSphere Business Modeler
    IBM WebSphere Commerce
    IBM WebSphere DataPower
    IBM WebSphere DataStage
    IBM WebSphere MetaStage
    IBM WebSphere MQ
    IBM Workplace
    IceWarp Web Mail
    ICMP Stack Implementation
    ICQ Lite
    ICQ Web Front
    Id Board
    IDA Pro
    ied(1) input editor
    IEEE 1394 for Linux
    ifile (UnixWare)
    iG Shop
    iG Shop
    IGI 2 Covert Strike
    IglooFTP PRO
    IGMP Stack Implementation
    IHS EViews
    IISPop EMail Server
    Image Cropper/Resizer
    Image Display System (IDS)
    Image Uploader
    imageRUNNER Printers
    IMail Express
    IMail Server
    iManage CMS
    IMAP Toolkit (uw-imap)
    imate Web Mail Server
    Immediacy CMS
    Immunity Debugger
    Imoel CMS
    India Software Solution Shopping Cart
    Indiatimes Messenger
    Infinite Mobile Delivery
    Infinite WebMail
    Infinity WEB
    Infoblox NIOS
    nbsp;Infoprint Printers
    Information Builders iWay
    Information Builders WebFOCUS
    Information Resource Manager
    Informix Storage Manager
    Informix Web DataBlade
    Ingate Firewall
    Ingate SIParator
    Ingenium Learning Management System
    Ingres Database
    InJoin Directory Server
    Inkra Switch
    Inktomi Traffic Server
    InnoMedia VideoPhone
    Inquisite Survey
    Insperity OrgPlus
    Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE)
    Instant TopTools
    Instant Virtual Extranet
    Instant Web Mail
    Instant Wireless Network Access Point
    Intego VirusBarrier X4
    Integrated Administrator for ProLiant BL e-Class Enclosure
    Integrity Protection Driver (IPD)
    Intel Active Management Technology SDK
    Intel Active System Console
    Intel Ethernet Controller
    Intel Firmware (BIOS/EFI/UEFI)
    Intel Management Engine
    Intel Multi-Server Manager
    Intel PRO/Centrino/Wireless LAN Series
    Intel Server Setup Utilities
    Intel SINIT
    Intel Software Guard Extensions SDK
    Intellipeer Email Server
    Interaction SIP Proxy
    Interactive Story
    Interchange (Akopia)
    InterCon Smart PrintServer
    Internet Access Manager
    Internet Download Manager
    Internet Express
    Internet Junkbuster
    Internet Manager (mana)
    Internet Message (IM)
    Internet Scanner
    Internet Shopper Mail Server
    Internet Transaction Server
    Interspire Shopping Cart
    IntraLinks Designer
    Intuity Audix
    Inventory Scout
    Invision Community Blog
    Invision Gallery
    Invision Power Board
    Invision Power Top Site List
    INweb Mail Server
    Iomega NAS
    ION Script
    iOpus Secure Email Attachments
    IP Filter
    IP Messenger for Win
    IP Office
    IP3 NetAccess
    IPC@CHIP Embedded Web Server
    IPCheck Server Monitor
    ipfilterd (/dev/ipfilter)
    iPIX Image Well
    iPlanet Administration Express
    iPlanet Calendar Server
    iPlanet Directory Server
    Ipswitch Collaboration Suite
    Ipswitch Instant Messaging
    IRC Services
    IRCd (Generic)
    IRCD (PTnet)
    Iron Bars SHell
    iSCSI Enterprise Target
    iSMTP Gateway
    ITA Forum
    Ivanti Endpoint Security
    iWeb Server
    J Walk
    Jabber GG Transport
    Jack's FormMail.php
    Jackson Library
    Jakarta Lucene
    Jana Server
    Java! JustInTime (JIT) Compiler
    JavaServer Web Dev Kit
    Jax Calendar
    Jax DWT Editor
    Jax Guestbook
    Jax LinkLists
    Jax Newsletter
    Jax Petitionbook
    JCDex Lite
    JCSI SSO Suite
    Jetbox CMS
    Jeuce Personal Web Server
    JiRo's Statistics System
    JiRo's Upload System
    JiRos Link Manager
    JIWA Financials
    Job Management Partner 1
    Journals System
    JP1/Cm2/Network Node Manager
    Judge Dredd
    JumpDrive Secure
    Juniper IDP
    Juniper Junos
    Juniper Junos Space
    Juniper Mobility System Software
    Juniper NSM
    Juniper SA
    Juniper SBR
    Juniper ScreenOS
    Juniper Security Threat Response Manager
    Juniper SmartPass
    Juniper SRC
    Juniper WLC
    Justice Guestbook
    K9 Web Protection
    kadmind (please use Kerberos)
    KAME IPv6 Stack
    Kaos news
    Kaspersky Administration Kit
    Kaspersky Anti-Hacker
    Kaspersky Anti-Spam
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    Kaspersky Internet Security
    Kaspersky Online Scanner
    KaZaA Media Desktop
    KDE Display Manager (KDM)
    KDE kdeutils (klprfax/efax)
    KDE KGhostview
    KDE Konqueror
    KDE Konqueror Embedded
    KDE Konversation
    KDE KTvision
    KDE Public Fileserver (kpf)
    Kebi Academy
    Kebi Webmail
    Keene Digital Media Server
    Kerberos FTP Client
    Kerberos FTP Daemon
    Kerio MailServer
    Kerio Personal Firewall
    Kerio ServerFirewall
    Kerio WebSTAR
    KerioControl (WinRoute Firewall)
    Kernel (please use specific OS kernel)
    Kernel (Solaris)
    Kernel devfs
    Kernel execve
    Kernel send
    Keychain Access
    KeyStore Explorer
    KeyView SDK
    KF Web Server
    Killer Protection
    Kinesis Interactive Cinema System
    Kingsoft Office
    Kingston DataTraveler
    Kmita FAQ
    Kodak Color Management System
    Kodak Image Viewer
    KpyM Telnet Server
    Kunani ODBC FTP Server
    Lanap BotDetect
    LANChat Pro
    Lancom 1100 Office
    Land Down Under
    LANDesk Management Suite
    LaserWriter Printers
    Lasso Web Data Engine
    last.php (3rd Party vBulletin Hack)
    Lawson Financials Suite
    Lazarus Guestbook
    LDAP-UX Integration
    Lenovo PC
    Lenovo Rescue and Recovery
    Lenovo ThinkManagement Console
    Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update
    Les Commentaires
    Les Visiteurs
    Level One Routers
    LexisNexis Bridger Insight
    LexisNexis Concordance
    Lexmark Printer
    LG Electroncis GoldStream LG3001f Router
    LG Electronics LR3001p Router
    LG Electronics Phone
    libcgi (tuxBR)
    libDtSvc.a (CDE DtSvc Library)
    LIDS (Linux Intrusion Detection System)
    Liferay Enterprise Portal
    Lil' HTTP Server
    Limbo CMS
    Linear eMerge
    Linksys Router
    Linksys Video Camera
    Linksys WLAN Monitor
    Linux Encrypted Loop Device
    Linux Kernel
    Linux Terminal Server Project
    Liquid War
    List Site PRO
    LiteSpeed Web Server
    LithTech Engine
    Little CMS
    LiveData ICCP Server
    LiveData Protocol Server
    LiveWorld (various products)
    Living Waterfalls Screen Saver
    Lizard Cart CMS
    Loadable Authentication Modules
    LocazoList Classifieds
    Log Explorer
    logahead UNU edition
    Logan Pro
    Logical Volume Manager
    Loki Download Manager
    Lokwa BB
    Longshine Wireless Access Point
    Looking Glass (
    Looking Glass (
    Lords of the Realm III
    Lp Utilities
    Lumension Device Control
    Mac OS (v9 and Prior)
    Mac OS Runtime for Java
    Macallan Mail Solution
    Macromedia Breeze
    Macromedia Contribute
    Macromedia Director
    Macromedia Fireworks
    Macromedia Flash Media Server
    Macromedia FreeHand
    Macromedia JRun
    Macromedia Studio MX
    Magellan Explorer
    Magic Calendar Lite
    Magic Enterprise Edition
    Magic Notebook
    Magic WinMail Server
    Maia Mailguard
    Maian Weblog
    mail (/usr/bin/mail)
    Mail essentials
    Mail Manage EX
    Mail Notification
    Mail-it Now! Upload2Server
    MailBee WebMail
    Mailing List Manager
    MailMan (Endymion)
    MailMonitor for SMTP
    MailWorks Professional
    Majordomo 2
    MakeBid Auction Deluxe
    Mambo Site Server
    Man Page Lookup
    Managed Client for OS X (MCX)
    MANDIANT First Response
    Mandriva/Mandrake Linux
    MAS 200
    Master of Orion 3
    Matrix FTP Server
    Matu FTP
    Maxx Schedule
    Mbedthis AppWeb
    McAfee Agent
    McAfee Asset Manager
    McAfee Data Loss Prevention
    McAfee E-Business Server
    McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance
    McAfee Email Gateway
    McAfee Encrypted USB Manager
    McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (NitroView ESM)
    McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
    McAfee Firewall Enterprise
    McAfee Firewall Reporter
    McAfee FreeScan
    McAfee GroupShield
    McAfee Internet Security Suite
    McAfee Network Security Manager (IntruShield)
    McAfee LinuxShield
    McAfee NetShield
    Mcafee Network Agent
    McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis
    McAfee ProtectionPilot
    McAfee Remote Desktop
    McAfee SaaS
    McAfee SecurityCenter
    McAfee UTM Firewall
    McAfee Virex
    McAfee Virtual Technician
    McAfee VirusScan
    McAfee VirusScan ASaP
    McAfee Vulnerability Manager
    McAfee Web Gateway
    McAfee Web Reporter
    McAfee WebShield
    McKesson Horizon
    MDaemon (Alt-N)
    Medal of Honor
    MediaMax CD3
    Medieval Total War
    Mega Upload
    Megacomputing Personal WebServer
    Meinberg LANTIME
    Melange Chat System
    Mentor ADSLFR4II router
    Mephistoles httpd
    Merak Mail Server
    Mercora IMRadio
    MERCUR Mailserver
    Mercury Mail Transport System
    Mesh Viewer
    Message Foundry
    MetaCart e-Shop
    Metadot Portal Server
    MetaFrame Conferencing Manager
    MetaFrame Password Manager
    MetaWorks Forums
    Meteor FTP
    Micro Focus COBOL
    Micronet Router
    Microsoft .NET
    Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Active Directory
    Microsoft ActiveSync
    Microsoft ActiveSync
    Microsoft Agent
    Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library
    Microsoft Antimalware Client
    Microsoft AntiSpyware
    Microsoft ASN.1 Library
    Microsoft Authenticode
    Microsoft BizTalk Server
    Microsoft Business Solutions CRM
    Microsoft CABARC
    Microsoft CAPICOM
    Microsoft Certificate Enrollment Control
    Microsoft Client Service for NetWare (CSNW)
    Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects
    Microsoft Color Management Module
    Microsoft Commerce Server
    Microsoft Content Management Server
    Microsoft Crypto API
    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)
    Microsoft Data Engine/Desktop Engine (MSDE)
    Microsoft Digital Image
    Microsoft DirectAccess
    Microsoft DirectX
    Microsoft DirectX Files Viewer
    Microsoft Distributed File System
    Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator
    Microsoft DNS Server
    Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Exchange
    Microsoft Expression
    Microsoft Fax Cover Page Editor
    Microsoft File Transfer Manager
    Microsoft Forefront Protection
    Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway
    Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway
    Microsoft Foundation Classes
    Microsoft FrontPage
    Microsoft GDI+
    Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication DLL (MSGINA.DLL)
    Microsoft Great Plains
    Microsoft Greetings
    Microsoft Help and Support Center
    Microsoft Help Workshop
    Microsoft Host Integration Server
    Microsoft HTML Help
    Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
    Microsoft Hyper-V
    Microsoft Hyperlink Object Library
    Microsoft IIS Authentication Manager
    Microsoft Index Server
    Microsoft Internet Authentication Service
    Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) FTP Server
    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web Server
    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) SMTP Service
    Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server
    Microsoft Jet
    Microsoft JScript
    Microsoft License Logging Service
    Microsoft Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS)
    Microsoft Local Troubleshooter
    Microsoft Locator Service
    Microsoft Lync
    Microsoft Malware Protection Engine
    Microsoft Management Console
    Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)
    Microsoft Metadirectory Services
    Microsoft MSN Heartbeat.ocx
    Microsoft MSN Messenger
    Microsoft Network Connection Manager
    Microsoft Network Share Provider (SMB)
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Office InfoPath
    Microsoft Office Publisher
    Microsoft OneNote
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook Express
    Microsoft Outlook Web Access
    Microsoft Paint
    Microsoft Personal Web Server
    Microsoft Picture It!
    Microsoft Platform SDK
    Microsoft POSIX Subsystem
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft Producer
    Microsoft Program Group Converter
    Microsoft Project
    Microsoft Proxy Server
    Microsoft Publisher
    Microsoft Reader
    Microsoft Remote Access Service
    Microsoft SharePoint
    Microsoft Silverlight
    Microsoft Skype
    Microsoft Skype for Business
    Microsoft Small Business Server
    Microsoft Smartphone
    Microsoft SMS
    Microsoft SNA Server
    Microsoft Solomon
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft SSL Library
    Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
    Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager
    Microsoft System Center Essentials
    Microsoft System Center Operations Manager
    Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager
    Microsoft Task Scheduler
    Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client (TSAC)
    Microsoft Virtual DOS Machine (VDM)
    Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM)
    Microsoft Virtual PC/Server
    Microsoft Visio
    Microsoft Visual Basic
    Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
    Microsoft Visual Database Tools
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro
    Microsoft Visual Studio
    Microsoft WebServer (Beta)
    Microsoft Windows Defender
    Microsoft Wireless Base Station
    Microsoft WLAN Feature
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft WordPad
    Microsoft Works
    Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML)
    MidHosting FTPd (mhftpd)
    Midnight Commander
    Mike's Vote CGI
    Mirapoint Message Server
    Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing
    Mitel PBX
    Mitel VoIP
    Miva Merchant
    ML-85G Printer Driver
    mm library
    Moby's NetSuite
    Modular Site Management System (MSMS)
    Mojo Mail
    Mollensoft FTP Server (Hyperion)
    Mollensoft Lightweight FTP Server
    Monarch Pro
    Monolith Games (Various)
    Moodys KMV Credit Monitor
    Most (pager)
    Motive Service Activation Manager
    Motorola Phone
    Motorola Router
    Movable Type
    Move Media Player
    Moxa Industrial Ethernet Switch
    Moxa MGate Modbus Gateway
    Mozilla Browser
    Mozilla E-mail Client
    Mozilla Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox Greasemonkey Extension
    Mozilla Personal Security Manager
    Mozilla Seamonkey
    Mozilla Thunderbird
    MPE/iX OS
    MPM Guestbook Pro
    MPNews PRO
    MPWeb PRO
    MSN Chat Control
    MSN Messenger
    Mtp Target
    Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) RDD 14all.cgi
    Multi-Computer Control System
    Multipoint FTP-Server
    Music daemon
    Musicmatch Jukebox
    MX Kart
    MX Shop
    My Blog
    My Calendar
    My Classifieds
    My Classifieds SQL
    My Firewall Plus
    my little forum
    My Postcards Platinum
    MyGuestbook (Kronsbein)
    MyInternet Browser
    MyPHP Forum
    MyProxy (DeSofto)
    MyServer (D. J. Rao)
    MyServer (
    MySQL Backup Pro
    MySQL Manager
    Name Service Cache Daemon
    Name Service Daemon (nsd)
    Namo DeepSearch
    Nautilus (GNOME)
    Navision Financials
    Naxtor Shopping Cart
    NBX (Telephony System)
    NC Book
    nCipher Hardware Security Module
    nCipher MSCAPI CSP Install Wizard
    nCipher nCore
    nCipher PKCS#11 Library
    nCipher SNMP Agent
    nCipher Utility (generatekey)
    NCM Content Management System
    NEdit (Nirvana Editor)
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
    Neon Responders
    Net DNS
    Net Portal Dynamic System (NPDS)
    Net Tools PKI Server
    NETBuilder II
    NetCharts Server
    NetComm Router
    NetCruiser Web Server
    NetDSL Router
    NetEngine Router
    NETFile Server
    NetFlow Analyzer
    NETGEAR Router
    NetInfo/NetInfo Manager
    NetObjects Fusion
    Netscape Client Detection Tool
    Netscape Communicator
    Netscape Directory Server
    Netscape Enterprise Server
    Netscape Messenger
    Netscape Portable Runtime API
    Netscape Web Mail
    NetSupport Manager
    NetSupport School
    NetUP UTM
    NetWare Enterprise Web Server
    NetWare FTP Server
    NetWare NDS for NT
    Netware Remote Manager
    Network Administrator
    Network Assistant
    Network Audio System
    Network Everywhere Router
    Network Query Tool (NQT)
    Network Queueing System/Environment (NQS/NQE)
    Network Security Services (NSS)
    Network Tools
    Network Tracing and Logging (NetTL)
    NetworkActiv Web Server
    NETxEIB OPC Server
    Neuron Blog
    News (
    News Desk
    News Evolution
    News Portal
    News Wizard
    NewsPHP (
    NewsPHP (
    Newt library
    NEXCOM International
    Nexgen FTP Server
    Nexland Router
    Next Generation POSIX Threading (NGPT)
    NextAge Cart
    NGC Active FTPServer
    Nihuo Web Log Analyzer
    NIKSUN NetDetector
    NIKSUN NetOmni
    Noahs Classifieds
    Nokia Electronic Documentation
    Nokia Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
    Nokia IPSO
    Nokia Phone
    Nokia Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)
    Norman Security Suite
    Norman Virus Control
    Nortel 802.11 Wireless IP Gateway
    Nortel Application Gateway
    Nortel Business Communications Manager
    Nortel Communication Server
    Nortel Contact Center
    Nortel IP Phone
    Nortel Media Processing Server
    Nortel Meridian
    Nortel Multimedia Communication Server
    Nortel Net Direct
    Nortel Self-Service
    Nortel SIP Multimedia PC Client
    Nortel SSL VPN
    Nortel Succession IP Trunk
    Nortel Threat Protection System
    Nortel VPN Client
    Nortel VPN Router (Contivity)
    Nortel WLAN Access Point
    Norton Anti-Virus
    Norton AntiSpam
    Norton GoBack
    Norton Internet Security
    Norton Mobile Security
    Norton Personal Firewall
    Norton System Works
    NovaTech Bitronics M870D
    NovaTech Distributed Discrete I/O Module (DDIO)
    NovaTech Orion5r
    Novatel Wireless MiFi
    Novell Client
    Novell Client Firewall
    Novell Cloud Manager
    Novell Data Synchronizer
    Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)
    Novell eDirectory
    Novell exteNd Director
    Novell File Reporter
    Novell Forum
    Novell FTP Server (NWFTPD)
    Novell GroupWise
    Novell GroupWise Messenger
    Novell Identity Manager
    Novell iManager
    Novell iPrint
    Novell Modular Authentication Service
    Novell NetBasic Scripting Server
    Novell NetIQ Access Manager
    Novell NetIQ Privileged User Manager
    Novell NetIQ Security Manager
    Novell NetMail
    Novell Nsure Audit
    Novell Nsure Identity Manager
    Novell Open Enterprise Server
    Novell Perl Handler
    Novell PlateSpin Orchestrate
    Novell Privileged User Manager
    Novell QuickFinder Server (NetWare Web Search Server)
    Novell RconJ
    Novell Remote Manager
    Novell SecureLogin
    Novell Sentinel Agent Manager
    Novell Sentinel Log Manager
    Novell Teaming
    Novell User Application
    Novell Vibe OnPrem
    Novell Web Manager
    Novell ZENworks
    nProtect Netizen
    Nuance PDF Converter
    Nuance PDF Reader
    Nuca WebServer Plugin
    NuCommunity Portal System
    Nuke Bookmarks
    Nuke Browser
    Nuke Cops
    Null httpd
    Null News
    NVIDIA Driver
    NWLink (Microsoft IPX Implementation)
    NX Server
    Ocean FTP Server
    Ocean12 Calendar Manager
    Ocean12 Mailing List Manager
    Ocean12 Membership Manager
    OCS inventory NG
    OfficeConnect Router (3Com)
    Omni-NFS Server
    Omnistar Article
    OneOrZero Helpdesk
    Online Recruitment Agency
    Online Solution for Educators
    Online Store Kit
    Open Bulletin Board (OpenBB)
    Open Conference Systems
    Open Cubic Player
    Open DC Hub
    Open Firmware
    Open Motif
    Open Searchable Image Catalogue
    Open WebMail
    Open Wiki
    OpenBSD Kernel
    OpenBSD Virtual File System (VFS)
    OpenDock Easy BLOG
    OpenDock Easy Doc
    OpenDock Easy Gallery
    OpenProjects IRCd
    OpenServer Kernel
    OpenServer Utilities (SCO)
    Openwall Kernel Patch Microsoft IE Security Patch
    Openwave Mobile Access Gateway
    OPERA Enterprise Solution
    Opsware Network Automation System
    Optimal Desktop
    Optivity NetID
    Opty-Way Enterprise
    Oracle Application Desktop Integrator
    Oracle Application Express Listener
    Oracle Application Server
    Oracle Audit Vault
    Oracle Automated Service Manager
    Oracle Collaboration Suite
    Oracle Communications Applications
    Oracle Complex Event Processing
    Oracle Configurator
    Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J)
    Oracle Database
    Oracle E-Business Suite
    Oracle Enterprise Manager
    Oracle Files
    Oracle Financial Services Applications
    Oracle Forms
    Oracle Fusion Middleware
    Oracle Health Sciences Applications
    Oracle Hospitality Applications
    Oracle HTTP Server
    Oracle Hyperion
    Oracle iLearning
    Oracle Industry Applications
    Oracle Insurance Applications
    Oracle Internet Directory
    Oracle Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
    Oracle Java Enterprise System (JES)
    Oracle Java Enterprise-User Solution (JEUS)
    Oracle Java Media Framework
    Oracle Java Plug-in
    Oracle Java SE
    Oracle Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE)
    Oracle Java Service Wrapper
    Oracle Java Web Server
    Oracle Java Web Start
    Oracle Jersey
    Oracle JInitiator
    Oracle Jolt
    Oracle Label Security
    Oracle Mobile Server
    Oracle PeopleSoft Products
    Oracle Policy Automation
    Oracle Portal
    Oracle Primavera Products Suite
    Oracle Reports Server
    Oracle Retail Applications
    Oracle Secure Backup
    Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
    Oracle Siebel Enterprise
    Oracle Single Sign-On
    Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite
    Oracle TimesTen
    Oracle User Productivity Kit
    Oracle Utilities Applications
    Oracle VM VirtualBox
    Oracle Web Cache
    Oracle Web Listener
    Oracle WebLogic
    Orenosv HTTP/FTP Server
    Origo Router
    Orion Application Server
    Ortea Orion Plus
    Orville Write
    Outblaze E-mail
    Outpost Personal Firewall
    Outpost Security Suite
    OutStart Participate
    OW2 ASM
    OWASP AntiSamy
    Owl Intranet Engine
    Owl Perimeter Defense Solution (OPDS)
    OzzyWork Galeri
    P2P Share Spy
    Pablo's FTP Server
    Palm Desktop
    Palm webOS
    Palo Alto PAN-OS
    Pam (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
    Panda ActiveScan
    Panda AdminSecure
    Panda Antivirus
    Panda Internet Security
    ParaChat Server
    Parallel System Support Programs for AIX
    Passive Asset Detection System
    Password protect
    Password Safe
    Pastel Accounting
    PatchLink Update
    Pathways Homecare
    PatroNet CMS
    Pavsta Auto Site
    Payflow Link
    PayPal Shopping Cart
    PayPal Store Front
    PC Dialer
    PC NetLink
    PC Tools AntiVirus
    PC-to-Phone (Deltathree)
    PCPIN Chat
    PDG Shopping Cart
    PDT 8100 Portable Data Terminal
    Peachtree Accounting
    PEAR Auth
    PEAR LiveUser
    Pegasi Web Server (PWS)
    Pegasus Mail
    Penguin Traceroute
    Pentacle In-Out Board
    PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
    Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
    Perl Web Server
    Perle IOLAN Serial Device Servers
    Personal FTP Server
    Personal Web Sharing (MacOS)
    PGP Keyserver
    PGP Public Key Server
    PGP Wipe
    PGX32 Frame Buffer
    Pgxconfig (for GFXtra)
    Pharao Portal System
    Phoenix Industrial Ethernet Switch
    Photo (MPCSoftWeb)
    Photo Upload Plugin
    PhotoADay Module for PHP-Nuke
    PhotoPost Classifieds
    PhotoPost PHP Pro
    PHP Address
    PHP Advanced Transfer Manager
    PHP Classifieds
    PHP Code Snippet Library
    PHP Event Calendar
    PHP FirstPost
    PHP Gastebuch (
    PHP iCalendar
    PHP Image Gallery
    Php ImgList
    PHP Live Helper
    PHP Live!
    PHP My Pub
    PHP Net Toolpack
    PHP Organizer
    PHP ping
    PHP Poll Creator
    PHP Pro Bid
    PHP Rocket Add-in
    PHP Simple Shop
    PHP Support Tickets
    PHP Surveyor
    PHP TopSites
    PHP Trouble Ticket
    PHP Upload Center
    phpBB Advanced Quick Reply Hack
    phpBB Auction Mod
    phpBB Cash Mod
    phpBB Notes Mod
    phpBB2 Plus Mod
    phpFaber TopSites
    phpGB (
    phpShop Project
    Phusion Webserver
    PI Server
    pico Server (pServ)
    Pigeon Server
    PinkNet Web Server
    Pioneers (Gnocatan)
    Pitney Bowes Arrival
    Pizza Party
    Pkginfo (UnixWare packaging tools)
    Plague News
    PLANET Switch
    Platform LSF
    Plesk Server Administrator
    Plug & Play Web Server
    PluggedOut Blog
    PluggedOut Nexus
    Plume CMS
    Pointsec for Palm OS
    Polycom HDX Series
    Polycom IP Phone
    Polycom MGC Series
    Popper (Wood, Gav)
    PopPhoto Studio
    PopUp Plus
    Portfolio NetPublish
    Post It!
    Post-query CGI
    PostWrap Module
    Power Server
    Power Up HTML
    PowerLock NetworkSecurity
    PowerNet IX
    PowerQuest DeployCenter
    Powerslave Portalmanager
    Powie's PSCRIPT Forum (PHP Forum)
    Pragma TelnetServer (formerly InterAccess)
    Pramati Server
    Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) Server
    Prestige Router (ZyXEL)
    Prevx Home
    Prevx Pro
    PrimeBase SQL Database Server
    Prishtina FTP
    Private Message System (PMSys)
    Private Messaging System
    Process Explorer
    Process Resource Manager
    Procmail Email Sanitizer
    Progress Application Compiler
    Progress Database
    Project Logger
    Proofpoint Protection Server
    Prospero Message Boards
    Protector Plus
    Protector System
    Proxy (AnalogX)
    Proxy (Funk Software)
    ProxyServer (Multi-Tech)
    Prozilla Real Estate Script
    Psunami Bulletin Board
    PT Advanced Shoppingcart
    PT News
    Pulse Connect Secure (formerly Juniper Pulse Secure)
    Purge Jihad
    Pwc CGI
    QEI Controller
    QEI Substation Terminal Node
    QK SMTP Server
    QNAP Storage Devices
    QNX Demodisk
    Questionmark Perception
    Questionmark Secure
    Quick 'n Easy FTP Server
    Quick 'n Easy Web Server
    Quick and Dirty PHPSource Printer
    Quick Cart
    Quick Heal Total Security
    Quiz Me!
    Race Driver
    Radio Community Server
    RADIUS (Alcatel-Lucent)
    RADIUS (Cistron)
    RADIUS (Merit)
    Ratbag Games (Various Titles)
    RAV AntiVirus
    Raymar Telenetics FlashPoll DSP Analog Modem
    rc (/etc/rc startup script)
    RCA Cable Modem
    Real Estate Management Software
    RealLegal E-Transcript Bundle Viewer
    RealOne (RealPlayer)
    RealPlayer Enterprise
    Red Faction
    Red Hat /etc/profile
    Red Hat Certificate Server
    Red Hat CloudForms
    Red Hat Directory Server
    Red Hat Enterprise IPA
    Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid
    Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging
    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
    Red Hat Global File System
    Red Hat Gluster Storage
    Red Hat IDM Console
    Red Hat JBoss
    Red Hat JBoss jBPM
    Red Hat Labeled Security Protection Profile Script
    Red Hat Network Client Tools
    Red Hat Network Proxy Server
    Red Hat Network Satellite Server
    Red Hat Package Manager (rpm)
    Red Hat Secure Web Server
    Red Hat Single Sign-On
    Red Hat Subscription Manager
    Red Hat Virtual Desktop Server Manager
    Red-M access point
    Rediff Bol
    Reliant UNIX
    Remote Cart
    Remote Execute
    Remote PC Access
    Reptile Web Server
    ReviewPost PHP Pro
    RevilloC MailServer
    Revize CMS
    Ridoc Document Server
    Ringtone Tools
    Rippy the Aggregator
    Rising Antivirus
    Riverdark RSS Syndicator
    RM SafetyNet Plus
    RMSOFT Gallery System
    RNN Guestbook
    Rock Dodgers
    Rocket U2
    Rockwell Automation Connected Components Workbench
    Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP
    Roger Wilco
    Roxen WebServer
    RPM Package Manager
    RSA Access Manager
    RSA Adaptive Authentication
    RSA Archer eGRC
    RSA Authentication Agent
    RSA Authentication Manager
    RSA BSAFE Crypto-C
    RSA BSAFE Crypto-J
    RSA BSAFE Micro Edition Suite
    RSA ClearTrust
    RSA Data Loss Prevention
    RSA Data Protection Manager
    RSA Digital Certificate Manager
    RSA enVision
    RSA Federated Identity Manager
    RSA Identity Management and Governance
    RSA Keon PKI
    RSA Key Manager
    RSA NetWitness
    RSA SecurID
    RSA Security Analytics
    RSA Validation Manager
    RSA Web Threat Detection
    Rugged Operating System (ROS)
    Rumpus FTP Server
    RunAs Professional
    S-Mart Shopping Cart Script
    Saba Publisher
    Sabre Desktop Reservation Software
    Sad Raven's Guestbook
    SafeNet Sentinel
    SafeNet SoftRemote
    SafeWord Agent for SSH
    Sage Extension
    SailPoint IdentityIQ
    Sake Mail
    Sakki's guestbook
    Sambar Server
    Sami FTP Server
    Sami HTTP Server
    Samsung ADSL Router
    Samsung Data Management Server
    Samsung Phone
    Samsung Printer
    Samsung SmartEther Switch
    Samsung TV
    SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise
    SANworks Management Appliance
    SAP Business Connector
    SAP Business One
    SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise
    SAP Customer Relationship Management
    SAP DB
    SAP Internet Communication Manager
    SAP Internet Graphics Server
    SAP J2EE Engine
    SAP Message Server
    SAP NetWeaver
    SAP R/3
    SAP Software Lifeclycle Manager
    SAP SQL Anywhere
    SAP Web Application Server
    SARA Server
    SATEC Power Meter
    Savant (web server)
    Schneider Electric Accutech Manager
    Schneider Electric OPC Factory Server
    Schneider Electric SAGE Remote Terminal Unit
    Schneider Electric Trio Radios
    SchoolAlumni Portal
    SCI Photo Chat
    Scientific Word
    Scoadminreg (Webtop)
    Scorched 3D
    Scout Tracker
    Screen Effects
    ScriptEase Mini WebServer
    ScriptEase Web Server Edition
    ScriptMate User Manager
    SCT Campus Pipeline
    SD Server
    Search and Replace
    Secure Access SSL VPN
    Secure Code Analizer
    Secure Console Server
    Secure FTP Applet
    Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC)
    Secure Login Manager
    Secure Mail (Message Management System)
    Secure Network Messenger
    Secure Ticket
    Secure Web Browser
    SecureWay Directory
    SecureWay Firewall
    SecureWay Policy Director
    Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA)
    Security Readiness Review (SRR) Evaluation Scripts
    SEL Real-Time Automation Controller
    Sendfile (SAFT Implementation)
    Serene Bach
    Serious Engine
    Servant Salamander
    Servers Alive
    Service Control Manager (Windows)
    Service Pack Manager 2000
    Services for Unix (Microsoft)
    Serv-U FTP Server
    SGI Kernel
    SGI O2 Workstation
    Shadow (pam-modules)
    Shambala Server
    Shavlik NetChk Configure
    Shavlik NetChk Protect
    Shibboleth Service Provider
    Shopping Cart (Hassan)
    ShopPlus Cart
    Shuttle FTP Suite
    Siemens Automation License Manager
    Siemens COMOS
    Siemens Phone
    Siemens Scalance
    Siemens SIMATIC Controller
    Siemens SIMATIC WinCC
    Sigma ISP Manager
    Sign Here! Guest Book
    Silent Storm Portal
    silentThought Simple Web Server
    simple Blog
    Simple Chat!
    Simple Message Board
    Simple PHP Blog
    Simple PHP Upload
    Simple WAIS (swais)
    Simple Web Server
    Simple Web Server (PMSoftware)
    SimpleServer Shout
    SimpleServer WWW
    Simplicity oF Upload
    SIP Express Router
    SISCO OSI Stack
    Site Chassis Manager
    Site News
    Site Server (Microsoft)
    SiteDepth CMS
    SitePanel 2
    SIX Webboard
    SkyHigh Chat Server
    SL Mail
    Slackware Linux
    SlimServe HTTPd
    Small HTTP Server
    Smart Guest Book
    Smart Search
    SmartMail Server
    SmartPPC Pro
    SMC Router
    SMS Server Tools
    SMTP Server for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 (GoodTech)
    Snap Server
    SnapGear LITE+
    SnapGear Routers
    SnapStream PVS
    Snipe Gallery
    Snitz Forums
    SNMP Daemon
    SNMP-to-DMI Mapper
    Softerra PHP Developer Library
    Software Distributor
    SOHO RouteFinder
    Solaris Management Console (SMC)
    Solaris Volume Manager
    Soldier of Fortune II
    Soldner - Secret Wars
    Some Chess
    Son hServer
    Song Requester
    Sony CD (Music)
    Sony Ericsson Phone
    Sony TV
    Sophos Anti-Virus
    Sophos Email Appliance
    Sophos UTM (Astaro Security Gateway)
    Sophos Web Appliance
    Sourcefire Defense Center (please use Cisco FireSIGHT)
    Sourcefire Intrusion Sensors
    SPA-PRO Mail @Solomon
    SpamAssassin Milter Plugin
    SPAW Editor
    Spb Kiosk Engine
    Speak Freely
    SPECTER Intrustion Detection System
    SPECTral Personal SMTP Server
    Spectrum Cash Receipting System
    Speedtouch (USB Driver)
    SpeedXess Router
    Spider (game)
    Spider Sales
    Splatt Forum
    Spy Sweeper
    Spymac Web OS
    Spynet Chat
    SQLData Enterprise Server
    Squid Analysis Report Generator
    Squid Msntauth
    SquirrelMail Plugin (Address Add)
    SquirrelMail Plugin (VPOPMail Account Administration)
    SquirrelMail S/MIME Plugin
    Squirrelmail Vacation Plugin
    Squito Gallery
    SS Guest Book
    SSH Sentinel
    SSH Tectia Manager
    SSH Tectia Server
    SSO Plus
    Starfish Family Mail
    StarForce Professional
    Starsiege Tribes
    Statistics Server LiveStats
    Stellar Docs
    Step-by-Step Interactive Training
    StepWeb Search
    Stockman Shopping Cart
    Storage Manager (please use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager)
    StorageTek Disk System
    Store Portal
    StorEdge Array
    StorEdge Enterprise Products
    Strip (Secure Tool For Recalling Important Passwords)
    STSF Font Server Daemon
    Subjects Postnuke Module
    Subscribe Me Pro
    Succession Communication Server
    Sugar Suite
    SugarSales (SugarCRM)
    Suid Wrapper (su-wrapper)
    Sun Blade
    Sun Cluster
    Sun Convergence
    Sun Crypto Accelerator
    Sun Database Functions
    Sun Fire Server Software
    Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server
    Sun Grid Engine
    Sun Integrated Lights-Out Manager
    Sun Java 2 Micro Edition
    Sun Java Application Server (Sun ONE)
    Sun Java ASP Server
    Sun Java Desktop System (JDS)
    Sun Java Dynamic Management Kit
    Sun Java Server Faces
    Sun Java Studio Enterprise
    Sun Java System Access Manager
    Sun Java System Calendar Server
    Sun Java System Communications Express
    Sun Java System Content Delivery Server
    Sun Java System Delegated Administrator
    Sun Java System Identity Manager
    Sun Java System Portal Server
    Sun Java Web Console
    Sun Java Web Proxy Server
    Sun Java Wireless Toolkit
    Sun JavaDoc
    Sun Logical Domains
    Sun Management Center (SunMC)
    Sun Multilanguage Environment Library (libmle)
    Sun N1 Service Provisioning System
    Sun N1 System Manager
    Sun Netra Server
    Sun ONE Directory Server
    Sun ONE/iPlanet Messaging Server
    Sun ONE/iPlanet Web Server
    Sun QFS
    Sun Ray
    Sun Remote Services Net Connect
    Sun Secure Global Desktop
    Sun SPARC Enterprise Server
    Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment
    Sun Studio
    Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    Sun Web-Based Enterprise Management
    Sun xVM VirtualBox (please use Oracle VM VirtualBox)
    SunShop Shopping Cart
    Sunsolve CD CGI
    Sunway ForceControl
    Sunway pNetPower
    Super Guestbook
    Super Site Searcher
    Supermicro Motherboards
    SuperStack 3
    SuperStack II
    Support Center
    SURECOM Broadband Router
    Surfboard httpd
    SurfinGuard Pro
    SuSE Linux
    SuSE Linux Firewall
    SUSE Live CD
    SuSE Scripts (various)
    Sweex Router
    Switch Off
    SWS Web Server
    Sybase Advantage Database Server
    Sybase M-Business Anywhere
    Sybase MobiLink
    Sybase Unwired Platform
    SYBEX e-trainer
    Sygate Enforcer
    Sygate Management Server
    Sygate Personal Firewall
    Sygate Secure Enterprise
    Symantec Anti Virus
    Symantec AppStream
    Symantec Automated Support Assistant
    Symantec BackupExec System Recovery
    Symantec Client Firewall
    Symantec Client Security
    Symantec Clientless VPN Gateway
    Symantec Critical System Protection
    Symantec Data Insight
    Symantec Data Loss Prevention
    Symantec Deployment Solution (Altiris)
    Symantec Discovery
    Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP Universal Server)
    Symantec Endpoint Protection
    Symantec Enterprise Firewall (Raptor)
    Symantec Enterprise Security Manager
    Symantec Enterprise Vault
    Symantec Firewall/VPN Appliance
    Symantec Gateway Security
    Symantec Ghost
    Symantec Host IDS
    Symantec IM Manager
    Symantec Intruder Alert
    Symantec LiveState
    Symantec Mail Security
    Symantec Management Agent (Altiris)
    Symantec Management Platform
    Symantec Messaging Gateway
    Symantec Mobile Security
    Symantec Network Access Control
    Symantec Network Security (ManHunt)
    Symantec On-Demand Agent
    Symantec Reporting Server
    Symantec Scan Engine
    Symantec Security Check
    Symantec Security Information Manager
    Symantec SecurityExpressions
    Symantec Web Gateway
    Symantec Web Security
    Symantec WinFax
    Symantec Workspace Streaming
    Symantec Workspace Virtualization
    Symbian OS
    Symbol Access Point Series
    Symposium Web Center Portal
    Symposium Web Client
    System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)
    System Security Services Daemon (SSSD)
    Syworks SafeNET
    Tableau Desktop
    Tableau Reader
    Tableau Server
    TAC Vista
    TANDBERG Videoconferencing Systems
    Taylor UUCP
    TCL File Server
    TCP Chat
    TCP-IP Datalook
    TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
    TCP/IP Stack Implementation
    TD Forum
    Team Factor
    Teca Diary
    TeeKai's Forum
    TeeKai's Tracking Online
    Tektronix/Xerox Network Printers
    Teledat Router
    Telindus Router
    Tell A Friend Script
    Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000/XP (GoodTech)
    Tenable Log Correlation Engine
    Tenable Nessus
    Tenable SecurityCenter
    Teradata Database
    TERM for UNIX / Linux
    Terminal (Mac)
    Terminator 3 War of the Machines
    Text Rider
    TFTP for Java
    TFTP Server
    TFTP Server (Walusoft)
    TFTP Server 2000
    the banner exchange (tbe)
    The Bat!
    The Includer
    The Matrix Screen Saver
    The Rage
    Thomson Router/Modem
    Thomson SIP Phone
    Thread Tree (MPCSoftWeb)
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix
    TIBCO Administrator
    TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager
    TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
    TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
    TIBCO Hawk
    TIBCO Rendezvous
    TIBCO Runtime Agent
    TIBCO Slingshot
    TIBCO SmartSockets
    TIBCO Spotfire
    TIBCO tibbr
    Tiny HTTPd
    Tiny Personal Firewall
    TinyMCE Compressor
    TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System
    TippingPoint SMS Server
    TIS Firewall Toolkit
    Titan Application Firewall
    Titan FTP Server
    TK8 Safe
    TKai's Shoutbox
    TM-POP3 Server
    tnftp (Lukemftp)
    ToolTalk (rpc.ttdbserver)
    Top XL
    Topic Calendar (for phpBB)
    Tornado www-Server
    TORQUE Resource Manager
    Toshiba BIOS
    Toshiba Bluetooth Stack
    Toshiba HDD and DVD Recorder
    Total Commander
    Totalbill (Aptis)
    Tr Forum
    Traffic Edge
    Travelsized CMS
    Trawler Web CMS
    Trend Micro Anti-Spyware
    Trend Micro Antivirus
    Trend Micro Control Manager
    Trend Micro Internet Security
    Trend Micro InterScan AppletTrap
    Trend Micro InterScan eManager
    Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security
    Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall
    Trend Micro InterScan Web Security
    Trend Micro InterScan WebManager
    Trend Micro OfficeScan
    Trend Micro ServerProtect
    Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security
    TRG News Script
    Tridion R5
    Tritanium Bulletin Board
    Troll FTP Daemon
    Tru64 Message Queue
    TruCluster Server Interconnect
    TrueSync Desktop
    TunePimp library (libtunepimp)
    Turbo Searcher
    Turbo Seek
    Turbo Traffic Trader
    Turnkey Websites Shopping Cart
    Turquoise SuperStat
    Twilight Utilities Web Server
    Twister Anti-TrojanVirus
    U.S. Robotics Router
    Ublog Reload
    Ubuntu Installer
    UFS File System
    Ultimate Auction
    Ultimate Bulletin Board
    Ultimate eShop
    Ultimate Estate
    Ultimate Forum
    Ultimate PHP Board
    Ultra Crypto Component
    UltraBoard 2000
    Unicenter Application Performance Monitor
    Unicenter Asset Management
    Unicenter Data Transport Option
    Unicenter Jasmine
    Unicenter Management
    Unicenter Management Portal
    Unicenter Remote Control
    Unicenter Service Level Management
    Unicenter Software Delivery
    Unicenter TNG
    Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management
    Unisys Business Information Server
    Unreal Game Engine
    Upload Lite
    User-Mode Linux
    Userv (GNU)
    Utopia News Pro
    V3 Chat - Instant Messenger
    VAIO Personal Computer Software
    Valdersoft Shopping Cart
    ValiCert Validation Authority
    VanillaSoft Helpdesk
    Verbatim Corporate Secure
    VeriSign Go Secure!
    VeriSign i-Nav
    VeriSign Managed PKI
    VeriSign Secure Messaging
    Veritas Bare Metal Restore
    Veritas Cluster Server
    Veritas Enterprise Administrator
    Veritas File System (VxFS)
    Veritas i3
    Veritas InfoScale Foundation
    Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager
    Veritas InfoScale Storage
    Veritas NetBackup
    Veritas Storage Exec
    Veritas StorageCentral
    Veritas VCS Agents
    Veritas Volume Manager
    Verity K2 Enterprise
    versatileBulletinBoard (vBB)
    Vexira Antivirus
    ViArt Shop
    Video Cam Server
    Video Disk Recorder
    View Source CGI
    Vigor Router
    Viking Server
    Virgil CGI Scanner
    Virtools Web Player
    Virtual Bank
    Virtual Catalog
    Virtual Exim
    Virtual Hosting Control System
    Virtual Law Office
    Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
    Virus Buster
    Virus Control System
    VisitorBook LE
    VisNetic ActiveDefense
    VisNetic FTP Server
    VisNetic MailServer
    VisNetic Website
    Visual Basic to C/GTK (vb2c)
    Visual C++
    Visual Events Calendar
    Vivisimo Clustering Engine
    VLC Media Player
    VMware AirWatch
    VMware ESXi
    VMware GSX Server
    VMware Horizon
    VMware NSX
    VMware vCenter
    VMware vCloud
    VMware vRealize
    VMware vRealize Hyperic
    VMware vSphere
    VocalTec Telephony Gateway
    Vortex Blog AKA vBlog
    Vortex Portal
    Voting System
    Voxware Codec
    VPN Gateway (Intel/Shiva)
    VSNL Integrated Dialer
    VSNS Lemon
    Vypress Messenger
    Vypress Tonecast
    wall (/usr/sbin/wall)
    WAP Service Broker
    War Times
    Warrior Kings
    Warrior Kings - Battles
    WASD VMS Hypertext Services
    WatchGuard Firebox
    WatchGuard Server Center
    WatchGuard XCS
    WatchGuard XTM
    WD Guestbook
    Web Blog
    web content management
    Web Crossing (WebX)
    Web Dictate
    Web Server Creator
    Web Traffic Express
    Web Wiz Forums
    Web Wiz Internet Search Engine
    Web Wiz Journal
    Web Wiz NewsPad
    Web Wiz Rich Text Editor
    Web Wiz Site News
    Web Server 4D/eCommerce
    Web Shop Manager
    Web-Portal-System (WPS)
    WebBBS Pro
    WeBBoA Hosting Script
    Webbsyte Chat
    WebCam Live
    WebCart (
    WebChat (
    WebChat (
    WebCollection Plus
    WebFOCUS Developer Studio
    Webfroot Shoutbox
    WebLog Expert
    Webmail (Cedric email reader)
    webMethods Glue
    Webproxy (HP)
    Webridge PX
    Webroot Desktop Firewall
    WebServer 4 Everyone
    WebSight Directory System
    Website Baker
    Website Generator
    Website Mailing list manager
    WebSite Pro
    Webster HTTP Server
    WebStore (eXtropia)
    Webstores 2000
    WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server
    WebTrends Reporting Center
    Webvizyon Portal
    Webware WebKit
    WebWasher Classic
    WebX Server
    Web_server (WSMP3)
    WFTPD Pro
    WheresJames Webcam Publisher
    Whisper 32
    WHM AutoPilot
    WIDCOMM Bluetooth Communication Software
    WildTangent Web Driver
    Win FTP
    WinAgents TFTP Server
    Window Maker
    Window Washer
    WindowMaker TV (wmtv)
    Windows 95 Backup
    Windows Accessibility Utility Manager
    Windows Authentication
    Windows Backup Manager
    Windows C Runtime
    Windows Client-Server Run-time Subsystem
    Windows Compressed Folders
    Windows DCOM Client
    Windows Debug Registers
    Windows Debugging Facility
    Windows DLL (Any)
    Windows Domain Controller
    Windows Drivers
    Windows DVD Maker
    Windows Essentials
    Windows Explorer
    Windows File Protection
    Windows Ftp Server (WinFtpServer.exe)
    Windows Gadgets
    Windows H.323 Services
    Windows Help System
    Windows Hot Key Function
    Windows HTTP Services
    Windows Hyperlink Object Library
    Windows IKE
    Windows Image Acquisition Service
    Windows Indexing Service
    Windows Internet Printing Service
    Windows Kernel
    Windows LDAP
    Windows Live Mail
    Windows Live Messenger
    Windows Live OneCare
    Windows Logon (Winlogon)
    Windows Mail
    Windows Management Interface (WMI) Provider
    Windows Manifests
    Windows Media Center
    Windows Media Format Runtime
    Windows Media Player
    Windows Media Services
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    HardCore Software
    Harder, Hans
    Hardin, John D.
    Harris, Carl
    Harris, David
    Harrison, Paul Francis
    Hartmann, Gus and Keller, Peter
    Hartmann, Hensel
    Harvey, Morgan
    Hassan Consulting
    Hatem, Ben Yacoub
    Hauck, Thomas
    Haugh, Julianne Frances et al
    HAURI Inc.
    Haver Analytics
    Hawking Technology
    Hayward, Jonathan
    Headlight Software, Inc.
    Hebditch, Stephen
    Hedley, Jonathan
    Hegedus, Ervin
    Heinlein, Sebastian et al
    Heinz, Florian et al
    Helgeland, Eirik
    Hempel, Thomas
    Henschel, Torsten
    Henstridge, James
    Henzell, Linley
    Hernandez, Pablo
    Herold, Michael 'Ghandi'
    Herzog, Bernhard
    Hexamail Ltd
    Hi Resolution Systems Ltd
    Hibyte Ltd.
    HID Global Corporation
    Hiebert, Darren
    Highwall Technologies
    HINT InterNetworking Technologies
    Hirotaka, Yamamoto
    HMS Industrial Networks
    Hoeppner, Tim
    Hoffmann, Ralf
    Hoffmann, Sebastian et al
    Hofstetter, Philip and Siegmar, Oliver
    Hogan, Trevor
    holaCMS Team
    Hollingshead, James
    Hombergs, Tom
    Homyakov, Alexey
    Hood, Earl
    Horde Project
    Horlacher, Ulli
    Horowitz, Marc
    Horwood, G.
    Hotline Communications
    Howell, Jon
    Howkins, Peter et al
    ht//Dig Group
    HTML Helper
    Hudson, Tim
    Huebsch, Chris
    Hughes Technologies Pty Ltd.
    Hughes Technologies, Inc.
    Hughesware Computer Services
    Hummingbird Ltd.
    Hyatt, Robert M.
    HyperionX Software
    HyperNikkiSystem Project
    Hyundai Networks
    Iansoft Enterprises
    IBEX Software
    IC and S (
    IcedTea Project
    ICEshop BV
    IceWarp Software
    ICQ Inc.
    id Software, Inc.
    Ideal Science, Inc.
    Idetix Software Systems
    IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
    IGC Software
    iGENUS Org.
    Ignition Project
    IHS Global Insight
    ikemcg web works
    IM Developing Team
    imaginex resource
    imate.Net corp
    Imoel CMS
    Impact 360 Institute
    Imperious Technology
    Inari, Inc.
    INCA Internet Co.
    INCOGEN, Inc.
    Incognito Software
    Incredible Interactive
    IncrediMail Ltd.
    Independent Solution, The
    Indus River
    Industrial Medium Software, Inc.
    Infinity Ward
    Infopulse Electronic Commerce B.V.
    Information Builders
    Informer Technologies
    InfoTecna s.r.l.
    Infradig Systems
    Infron Technologies
    Infuseum, Inc.
    Ingate Systems
    Ingres Corporation
    Inhouse Associates
    Inkra Networks Corporation
    Inner Media, Inc.
    Innerloop Studios
    Innovative Interfaces
    Innovative Technology Consulting
    Inquisite Inc.
    InsaCode Live
    Insight Distribution Systems
    Insightful Corporation
    Insperity Business Services
    Instance Four
    InstantServers, Inc.
    Institute for Open Systems Technology Australia
    Integrated Computer Solutions
    Integry Systems
    Inter7 Internet Technologies, Inc.
    Interactive Data Corporation
    Interactive Intelligence
    InteractivePHP, Inc.
    InterComponentWare AG
    Interlink Networks
    Intermedia Communications
    interMute, Inc.
    Internet Billing Company (iBill)
    Internet Dynamics
    Internet Express Products
    Internet Initiative Japan
    Internet Security Systems
    Internet Shopper Ltd.
    Internet Software Center
    Internet Software Solutions
    InternetSoft Corporation
    InterSystems Corporation
    Intrago Ltd.
    IntraLinks, Inc.
    Intrinsic Technologie
    Invision Power Services
    INweb ApS
    iOpus GmbH
    IPIX Corporation
    Ipro Tech, LLC
    iReasoning Inc.
    IronFlare AB
    ISC (Internet Software Consortium)
    Isode Ltd.
    iSoft-Solutions, inc.
    ISS, Inc.
    ITA Forum
    Ito, Akinori
    Ivanov, Roman
    Ivars, Jordi
    IVT Corporation
    Iwai, Takashi
    Ixis Research Ltd.
    jabberd project
    Jackson Project
    Jackson, Ian
    Jacquet, Jean-Marc
    Jaczewski, Pawel
    JAM Software
    Jamois, Frank
    Janghorbani, Keyvan
    Jansson, Tord et al
    Jarc, Paul
    JBMC Software
    JBoss Group
    JDyne Technologies
    Jelinek, Jakub
    Jelsoft Enterprises
    Jera Technology
    Jewell, Gregg Kenneth
    Jgaa (
    Jigunet Corporation
    Jimenez, Emilio Jose
    Jive Software
    JMB Software, Inc.
    Johnson, Brad et al
    Johnston, Matt
    Jones, Curtis
    Jones, Ken (et al)
    Jounin, Philippe
    JoWood Productions
    Joyent, Inc.
    Jung, Robert K.
    Junkbusters Corp.
    Justice Media
    JustSystems Corporation
    Kaba Americas
    Kabotie Software Technologies
    Kahla, Gerall
    KAME Project
    Kan, Ti
    Kaniewski, Wojtek et al
    Kanosue, Toshiaki
    Kaper, Rob et al
    Kaplan, Inc
    Kaplinsky, Constantin
    Karlsson, Peter
    Kartak, Jaime
    Kasi ( et al
    Kaspersky Lab
    Kataoka, Masato
    Kayako Web Solutions
    Keaney, Shawn
    Keene Software Corporation
    Kelley, Simon
    Keranen, Jaakko
    Kerio Technologies
    Kermit Project
    Kerr, Shane et al
    Kerry, Robert
    Kershaw, Mike
    Key to the Web, Ltd.
    KeyFocus Ltd.
    Keys, Dustin
    Kibell, Justin C.
    Kiessling, Manuel
    Kim, Byungchan et al
    Kim, Eugene
    Kimata, Hideki
    Kimbrel, Josh
    Kinesis Interactive Design
    Kinesphere Corporation
    Kingsoft Corp.
    Kirhenshtein, Victor
    Kirkendall, Steve et al
    Kiselev, Sergey
    KKE Info Media
    KL Software Technologies
    Kloy, Tobias
    Klyagin, Konstantin
    KMiNT21 Software
    Kneschke, J.
    Knorr, Gerd
    Knox Software
    Knudsen, Craig
    Knutsen, P.
    Kobayashi, Masaoki
    Kofax Limited
    Kohn, Michael
    Kojdecki, Radoslaw
    Kokanosky, Gregory
    Konieczny, Jacek et al
    Konig, Alexander
    Konradsson, Mikael and Lundstrom, Viktor
    Konz, Ned
    Koopmanschap, Stefan
    Korbett, Steve
    Korostel, Sergey
    Kosok, Szymon
    Koston, J. Nick
    Kowalski, Piotr
    Kozik, Stephen
    Krasnyansky, Maxim
    Krax, Michael
    Krebs, Peter
    Krebs, Thomas
    Krennmair, Andreas
    Kronsbein, Mark
    Kruk, Cezary M.
    Kruse, Matt
    Kruyt, Paul
    Kryloff Technologies
    Kulchenko, Paul
    Kulhavy, Petr et al
    Kurth, Oliver
    Kurzweil Education
    Kuster, Mathias et al
    Kuznetsov, Alexey et al
    kyberna AG
    Kybic, Jan
    Lahtinen, Jukka et al
    Lambrechts, Floris
    Lamm, Holger et al
    Lamont, Michael
    Lamy, Jean-Baptiste
    LANDesk Software
    Landross, Khamil and Jones, Zack
    Landwerlin, Lionel
    Lansing, Erwin
    Lantinga, Sam
    Laredo, Nathan
    Lascar Electronics
    Latorilla, Elpidio
    Lausser, Gerhard
    LavaSoftware Technologies
    Lavtech.Com Corp.
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Lawrence, Dave
    Lawrence, Richard
    Lawson Software
    Lawson, Konrad Mitchell
    Layton Technology
    Le Boustouller, Pascal
    LeadMind Development
    Leap Motion
    Lechnyr, David
    Lecluse, Sebastien
    Lee, Trevor
    Lefebvre, Jean-Pierre and Remi
    LeFebvre, William et al
    Lefevre, Benjamin
    Lefort, Jean-Yves
    Legart, Michael
    Legato Systems, Inc.
    Legend Studios
    Legendre, Pierre-Yves
    Lemmon, Scott R.
    Leonard, Seth
    Leuenberger, Dominique
    Leung, Eric
    Level One
    LG Electronics
    Libes, Don
    Lighthouse Development
    Lightwave Communications
    Lilikoi Software, Inc.
    Lincoln Beach Software, Inc.
    Linde, Alex
    Lindsay, Kevin
    LINE9 Corporation
    Linear LLC
    Link, Jon
    Linux-HA Project
    Linux-PAM Project
    LionMax Software
    Lite Speed Technologies Inc.
    LithTech, Inc.
    Litovka, Vladimir
    LiveWorld, Inc.
    Lloyd, Scott
    Loader, Simon
    Locklizard Limited
    logahead UNU edition
    LogiSense Corporation
    Loki Download Manager
    Longshine Technologie
    LookSmart, Ltd.
    Loom Software Company
    LTR Data
    Lucent (please use Alcatel-Lucent)
    Lukyanov, Alexander
    Lumension Security, Inc.
    Lumigent Technologies
    Lunabyte Systems
    Lyris Technologies
    M-Tech Information Technology
    M.Dev Software
    Ma petite entreprise
    Mabry Software
    Mac, Chris
    macallan [at]
    MacKichan Software
    Macrovision Corporation
    Madamanchi, Rajesh Kumar
    Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.
    MagicISO Inc.
    Maian Script World
    MailEnable Pty. Ltd.
    Makino, Nobutaka
    Malda, Rob
    Malik, Amir
    Malin, William
    Malinen, Jouni et al
    Malita, Florin
    Maloney, Jason
    Manninen, Tomi et al
    Marconi Corporation plc.
    MarkeTrends Productions
    Marks, Russell
    Marples, Roy
    Masney, Brian
    Massive Entertainment
    MAST Complete IT-Solutions
    Mates, Valerie
    Matriks A/S
    Matrix Servers
    Matsumoto, Yukihiro
    Matsushita Soft-Research, Inc.
    Matthews, Ty et al
    Mauduit, Christian
    Mavroyanopoulos, Nikos
    Maxum Development Corporation
    MaxxCode development
    Mbedthis Software
    McCall, Davin
    McIngvale, Frank
    McKenzie, Shawn
    McMurtrey/Whitaker and Associates
    McMurtrie, Dave
    McNamara, Caolan
    MDG Computer Services
    Media Online Italia
    MediaHouse Software
    Medling, Noah
    MEDPREVENT systems GmbH & Co. KG
    MeepZor Consulting
    Meijer, Rob J.
    Melrose, Yoshi
    Memishian, Peter
    Mentiss ACGV
    Merak Mail Server, Inc.
    Metadot Corporation
    Metro Marketing
    Mewburn, Luke
    Mewsoft Corporation
    Miarroba Networks, S.L.
    Micro Focus
    Microburst Technologies
    Micronet Communications
    MICROS Systems
    MicroWorld Technologies
    Middelton, Jon et al
    MidiCart Software
    Mieland, Alexander
    Miles, Drummond
    Miller Group, The
    Miller, Todd C.
    Mills, David L. et al
    MiniTool Solution Ltd.
    mIRC Co. Ltd.
    Mischler, David F.
    Mission Critical Systems
    MIT Software
    Mitel Networks
    Miva Corporation
    Mnet Soft Factory
    Mobile Reach
    ModernGigabyte, LLC
    Mod_python Project
    Moemeka, Jerod
    Moine, Jean-Francois
    moleSoftware GmbH
    Mollensoft Software
    Moller, Niels
    Mondor, Matthew
    Monit Project Group
    Monolith Productions, Inc.
    Moodys Analytics, Inc.
    Moolenaar, Bram et al
    Moon, Bernd
    Moore, Keith
    Morioka, Tomohiko
    Morriss, Jason
    Mort Bay Consulting et al
    MOSIX Group
    Moslehi, Arash
    Motiwala, Yusuf
    Mountain Network Systems
    Move Networks
    Moxiecode Systems
    MPM PHP Scripts
    MRV Communications
    Mueller, Andreas
    Mueller, Patric
    Muller, Olivier
    Multi Edit Software
    Multi-Tech Systems
    Munafo, Robert
    Murgallis, Gilbert
    Murray, Mitch
    Mutant Penguin Software
    Muuga, Elton
    MyBB Group
    Mysoft Technology
    MyWebServer LLC
    nabocorp softwares
    Nagy, Gergely
    Namazu Project
    Nara vision Co.,Ltd.
    National Instruments
    Native Solutions
    Nauta, Barry
    NAVEX Global
    Navia, Jacob
    Naviscope Software
    Naxtor Technologies
    NCC Group
    NCH Swift Sound
    NCKU Taiwan
    NEC Corporation
    Neikter, Carl-Fredrik
    Nelissen, Clint
    Nelson, Dan, et al
    NeoCode Solutions
    Neon Software
    NeoScale Systems
    NeoSoft Corp.
    NeoStats Software Group
    Nerdclub Programming Team
    Net Communication Management
    Net-X Solutions
    NetArt Media
    Netbilling, Inc.
    Netbula LLC
    NetCruiser Software
    NetIQ Corporation
    NetLeaf Limited
    NetSarang Computer
    Netsoft Corp.
    NetSupport (Productive Computer Insight)
    Nettica Corporation
    NetUP Systems
    Network Associates
    Network Automation
    Network Everywhere
    Network Ice
    Network Instruments, LLC
    Neulinger, Nathan
    Neundorf, Alexander
    Neustaetter, Greg
    Nevrona Designs
    New Atlanta Communications
    New Era Scripts
    New Media Generation
    newsPHP Development Team
    NexLearn, LLC
    Next Generation Count
    Next Generation Security
    NGPT Team
    NICE Systems
    Niedziela, Robert
    Nielsen, Nate
    Niemiec, Dariusz
    Nihuo Software, Inc.
    Niti Telecom Consultancy
    NJStar Software Corp.
    Nobreak Technologies
    Nodez Project
    Nombas, Inc.
    North American Systems International
    Northern Solutions
    NTA Monitor Ltd.
    Nuance Communications, Inc.
    NVIDIA Corporation
    O'Reilly Sp. z o.o.
    Oasys Soft
    Objective Development Software
    Objective Systems
    ObjectWeb Consortium
    Oblomov, Sergey
    Ocean12 Technologies
    Offenbach, Detlev
    Ofori, Selom
    Ohse, Uwe
    Ollikainen, Jani
    Omni Group
    OmniCom Technologies
    Omnicron Technologies
    Omnistar Etools
    One or Zero
    Ong, Vincent
    Online Arts
    Open Group, The
    Open iT
    Open Projects Network
    Open Text Corporation
    Open-Xchange Inc.
    OpenConnect Systems
    OpenH323 Project
    Openwall Project
    Opera Software
    OPNET Technologies
    Opt-X Project
    Optimal Access Inc.
    Optimal IdM
    OrbitScripts Company
    Orcutt, Jason
    ORIGO Inc.
    Orlov, Eugeny
    Orplex Consulting
    Orso, Pedro L.
    Orso, Pedro L.
    Ortega, Alvaro Lopez
    Orton, Joe
    Osborne, Mark
    Oseo, Kaf
    OSI Codes Inc.
    Out of the Trees Web Design
    Outblaze Limited
    Overture Services, Inc.
    OW2 Consortium
    Owen, Gareth
    Owl Cyber Defense Solutions
    Ozen, Ozan
    Pablo Software Solutions
    Pacific Software Publishing
    PADL Software Pty Ltd
    Paessler AG
    PageDown Technology
    Palm, Inc.
    Palmius, Joel
    Palmo, Alexander
    Palo Alto Networks
    Panda Software
    PaqTool Inc.
    ParaChat Group
    Paragon Technologie GmbH
    Parish, Scott
    Parker, Randy
    PassGo Technologies
    PassMark Software
    Pastel Software (Pty) Ltd.
    Patchett, Craig
    PatchLink Corporation
    Paterva PTY Ltd
    Pathway Communications
    Patnaik, Santosh
    Paul Smith Computer Services
    PC Tools
    PD9 Software
    PDFlib GmbH
    PDFTron Systems
    PDG Software
    Pedersen, Casper
    Pedestal Software
    Pensacola Web Designs
    PensaWorks, Inc.
    People Can Fly
    Perle Systems
    Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems
    Persits Software, Inc.
    Persson, Hans
    Pfaff-Harris, Kristina
    PFU Limited
    PGP Corporation
    Phillips, Matthew
    Phipps, Colin
    Phoenix Contact
    PhotoChannel Networks Inc.
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    PHP Group
    PHP Labs
    PHP Pro Software Limited
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    Pick Systems
    Pikivirta, Ari
    Pilhofer, Frank
    Pingtel Corp.
    Pinnacle Systems
    Piolet Networks
    Pitney Bowes
    Pittoni, Alberto
    Pixy Softwares
    PKR Internet
    PLANET Technology Corp.
    Plankers, Bob
    Plass, Johannes
    Platform Computing Inc.
    Platon SDG
    Plaxo, Inc.
    Playlogic International
    Pleasure Net Consulting Inc.
    PLESK, Inc.
    Plug and Play Software
    Plumtree Software, Inc.
    Plus Technologies
    Poettering, Lennart
    Point Clark Networks
    Polacco, Fabrizio
    Pollmeier, Cajus
    Polyspaston Limited
    Pool, Martin
    PoPToP Development Team
    Port80 Software
    PortSwigger Ltd
    Posadis Team
    Positive Software Corporation
    Poskanzer, Jef et al
    PostCalendar Team
    PostNuke Modules Factory
    Powell, David
    Power Ju live world
    PowerBASIC, Inc.
    PowerDev Team
    PowerISO Computing, Inc.
    PowerTech Group
    Powertech Labs Inc.
    Pragma Systems
    Pramati Technologies
    Preishuber, Martin et al
    Premier Election Solutions (Diebold)
    Primate Technologies, Inc.
    Primera Technology
    Primoris Software
    Prishtina Soft
    Probe Trading International
    profitCode Software
    Progress Software Corporation
    Proland Software
    Prolific Technology Inc.
    Promise Technology
    Proofpoint, Inc.
    Property and Portfolio Research
    Prospero Technologies
    Protection Technology
    Protexis Inc.
    ProtWare Inc.
    Prozilla Turnkey Websites
    Public Knowledge Project
    Pulse Secure
    Puppet Labs
    Purple Communications
    PW New Media Network
    PWI, Inc.
    PY Software
    Pyra Labs
    Pyramid Computer
    Qbik IP Management Limited
    QLogic Corporation
    QNAP Systems
    QNX Software Systems Ltd.
    QPC Software
    QuadComm, Inc
    Qualiteam Corp.
    Qualitrol (Hathaway)
    Quality On Line Ltd.
    Quality Programming Corporation
    Quantum Corp.
    Quest Software
    Quick Heal Technologies
    Quicksilver Software
    R3N3 Internet Services
    Rabson, Hugo et al
    RadioBird Software
    Rahaim, Jason
    RaidenFTPD Team
    RaidenHTTPD TEAM
    Raines, Paul
    Raize Software, Inc
    Rajek, Wulf
    Ramin, Yann
    Ramp Networks
    Ranson's Scripts
    Rao, Dattaraj J.
    Rational Software
    Rauch, Oliver
    Raven Software
    Rawhide Search Solutions
    Raymar Information Technology
    Raymond, Eric S.
    Raz-Lee Ltd.
    RDC Software
    Re-Boot Design
    RealChat Software
    Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
    Realtime Soft Ltd.
    Reamday Enterprises
    Rebrand Software
    recruitment agency software
    Red Hat
    Red Mexico Soft
    REDIProducts (SLK)
    Reed, Darren
    Reed, Mike
    Rees, Jim
    ReGet Software
    Regost, Fabien
    Reiman, Nik
    Remedy Corporation
    Remote Cart, LLC
    Remote Communications, Inc.
    Renaud, Brian
    Report Miner
    Research In Motion Limited
    Research Machines
    Research Systems, Inc.
    Research Triangle Software
    Respondus, Inc.
    Reuter, Claude
    RevilloC Developments
    RF Code
    Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.
    Rich Media Technologies
    Rieger, Gerhard
    RimArts, Inc.
    RiSearch Software
    Rising Antivirus International
    RIT Research Labs
    Ritt, Stefan
    Riverbed Technology
    Riverdark Studios
    Riverdeep Interactive Learning
    Roaring Penguin Software
    Robert Styma Consulting
    Robert, Ollivier
    Robison, Barry
    Rocket Software
    Rockwell Automation
    Roeder, Christoph
    Roest, Mike
    Roland, Koch
    Rombouts, Paul
    Rosa, Tomas
    Rosenberg, Elad
    Rosenet Internet Services
    Rosetta Stone
    Roshal, Eugene
    Ross, Jeremy
    Rossi, Markku
    Roth, Mark D.
    Roxen Internet Software AB
    Roy, John
    Royal Institute of Technology
    RTFM, Inc.
    RTI International
    Ruef, Marc
    Rumsey, Joe
    Runtime Software
    Ruslan Communications
    RUSU, Mihai
    Saba Software
    Sabine Consulting
    Sabre Inc.
    Sacerdoti, Federico David
    Sachs, Stephen
    Sad Raven
    SafeStone Technologies
    SafeTP Development Group
    Sage Software
    SailPoint Technologies
    SalD Ltd.
    Salzman, Lee
    Sambar Technologies
    Sandvik, Peter
    Santa Cruz Operations
    Santos, Alexnaldo
    Sapien Technologies, Inc.
    Sapio Design Ltd
    Sapporo Works
    Sarton, Jean-Jacques
    SAS Institute Inc.
    Savas, Johan
    Scalliet, Fred
    Schaefer, Steven
    Scheff, Jeremy
    Scheffler, Martin
    Scheidler, Balazs
    Schilling, J.
    Schirm, Uwe E.
    schmolze studios
    Schneider Electric
    Schoenert, Martin
    Schoenitz, Torsten and Wunsch, Joerg
    Schonefeld, Marc
    Schemitz, Patrick
    Schudar, Paul
    Schulze, Martin
    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
    Scientific Linux
    Scooter Software
    ScreamingMedia Inc.
    Script Solutions
    ScriptLogic Corporation
    SCT Corp.
    SeaGlass Technologies
    Seattle Lab
    Second Rule LLC
    Secure Computing
    Secure Elements
    SecureAction Research
    Semirat, Stephan
    Sendmail Consortium
    Senokian Solutions
    Seo, Seunghyun
    SepCity, Inc.
    SerendipityNZ Ltd.
    Seres, Attila
    Seyeon Tech Co.
    SGI (Silicon Graphics)
    Shadow Op Software
    Shana Corporation
    Sharman Networks
    Shaven Ferret Productions
    Shavlik Technologies
    Shebs, Stanley T.
    Shedd Technologies International
    Sheer, Paul
    Sheer, Paul
    Sheridan Software Systems, Inc.
    Shirai, Takashi
    Shirouzu, H.
    Shmelyov, Mikhail
    Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
    Sierra Wireless
    Sievertsen, Meik
    silentThought Software
    SilverPlatter International N.V.
    Simoni, Justin
    Simple Machines
    SimpliCTI Software Solutions
    SimTech Systems, Inc.
    SIP Communications, Inc.
    SiteDesigner Technologies, Inc.
    Six Apart
    Six Offene Systeme
    Sixt, Johannes
    SJ Namo Interactive
    SK Soft
    Skala, Matthew
    SkyHigh Chat Server
    Skype Technologies
    SkyStream Networks
    SMART Technologies
    Smart Webby Inc.
    SmartBear Software
    SmarterTools Inc.
    SmartMax Software
    SMC Networks
    Smith, Jarrod
    Smith, Jason
    Smith, Matt
    Smith, Roar
    SmoothWall Team
    SNAP Innovation GmbH
    SnapGear Inc.
    SnapStream Media
    Snitz Communications
    SNL Financial
    Software AG
    Solutions 4u Ltd.
    Somaratna, Kalum et al
    Something4 Limited
    Sonic Solutions
    Sonic Systems
    Sony Ericsson
    SourceForge Crew
    SourceGear LLC
    South River Technologies
    Southam, Blaine R.
    Spanicek, Joe
    Spb Software House
    SpearHead Security Technologies
    Speck, Michael (NETSEC)
    Sperber, Florian
    Sphinx, Djidane
    SPI Dynamics
    Spice, Mike
    Spink, Ben
    Splunk Inc.
    Spread The Word Ministries
    Spytech Software and Design
    SQLData Systems, Inc.
    SquirrelMail Development Team
    Squished Mosquito, Inc.
    SS&C Technologies, Inc.
    SSH Communications
    Stafford, Brian
    Stalker Software, Inc.
    Stamer, Heiko
    Starfish Software, Inc.
    StarQuest Ventures, Inc.
    StataCorp LP
    steel id
    Steele, Simon
    Stein, Lincoln D.
    Stein, Pete (GoScript)
    Steinkuehler, Charles
    Steinwand, Doug
    Stellar-X Pty Ltd.
    Stellent (INSO Corporation)
    Stepnikov, Ivan et al
    Stes, David
    Stierheim, J. C.
    stilesoft inc.
    Stockman, Jay
    Stoehr, Tim et al
    Stoitsov, Mario and Angel
    Stojanovski, Jordan
    Stormy Studios
    Stromberg, Dan
    StumbleInside Software
    Su, Wen-King
    Sublime Text
    SugarCRM Inc.
    Sukrieh, Alexis et al
    Summit Computer Networks
    Sunbelt Software
    Sunflower Systems
    SunnComm Technologies
    Super Micro Computer, Inc.
    SURECOM Technology Corp
    SureMerchant, LLC
    Surfnet Online Limited
    SurfStats International Ltd.
    Sustainable Softworks
    SWAIS [multiple authors]
    Swedish University Network
    Sweex Europe
    Swyx Solutions AG
    SX Design
    Sybari Software
    Sybex, Inc.
    Symbol Click
    Symbol Technologies
    Synthigence Corp.
    SystemTools Software
    Szymanski, C.
    Tableau Software
    TABS Lab Corp.
    Tag, Holger
    Tagtraum Industries Project
    TAKEBISHI Corporation
    Taldykin, Sergey
    Tallent, Brandon
    Tamarack Consulting
    Tanuki Software
    Tarantella, Inc.
    Tashcom Software
    Tatham, Simon
    Taylor, Ian Lance
    Taylor, Jerrett
    TeamQuest Corporation
    TeamSolutions, LLC
    Teamware Group Oy
    Teca Web
    Tech-Noel Inc.
    TechSmith Corporation
    Tedesco, Gianni
    TelCondex Software
    Telecom Italia
    Tenable Network Security
    Teotino, Gabriele
    Tera Term Project
    Teranishi, Yuuichi
    Testa, Joe
    Texas Imperial Software
    Textor Webmasters
    Thales e-Security
    Thamviset, Wachirawut
    The BNC project
    The MathWorks, Inc.
    tHE rECIdjVO
    TheBrain Technologies LP
    Therrien, Gilbert
    Thinking Arts
    Thomson Reuters
    THQ Inc.
    Thunderstone Software
    ThWb Group
    TIBCO Software
    TIDAL Software
    Tilman Hausherr
    Times Internet Limited
    Timmerman, Abe
    Tiny Software
    TIPS, inc.
    Titania Group
    Tjin, Burton
    Tmax Soft co.,Ltd
    Toenda Software Development
    TOLIS Group, Inc.
    Tolvanen, Sami
    Toma, Daniel
    Tomahawk Technologies
    Tome, Luciano
    Tomio, NARITA
    Top Layer Networks
    Top Line
    Toren, Michael C.
    Total PC Solutions, Inc.
    Total Seminars
    Tracker Software Products
    Trademark Software (TMSOFT)
    TranSoft Ltd.
    TransWARE Co.
    Tranter, Jeff
    Travelsized CMS
    Trend Micro
    Trenholme, Sam
    Triangle Solutions Ltd.
    Tridgell, Andrew
    Tridion BV
    Triska, Markus
    Tritanium Scripts
    True North Software
    Trusted Information Systems
    TSI Incorporated
    TurboSoft, Inc.
    Turner, Stephen
    Turning Technologies
    Turnkey Websites
    Twibright Labs
    Twilight Utilities
    U.N.U. Networks
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
    U.S. Robotics
    Ultra Shareware
    unichat networks, Inc.
    Universal Networks
    Universal Remote Control, Inc.
    University of California, Regents of
    University of Minnesota
    University of Texas System, Regents of
    University of Washington
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    USANet Creations
    UseBB Team
    UserLand Software
    UtilMind Solutions
    VA Software
    Valdrighi, Michel
    Valente, Salvatore et al
    Valve Software
    van der Gaast, Wilmer
    Van Dyke Technologies
    van Mook, Remco
    VanBrunt, Les
    Vandewege, Ward
    Vandrovec, Petr
    Vardar, M.Ali
    Varoqui, Christophe
    Veeam Software
    Venema, Wietse
    Venkata, Radhika
    Venta Association
    Verburgh, Peter
    Verint Systems
    Vicomsoft Ltd.
    Video Clipping Producoes
    VideoLAN Project
    Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL)
    Vignette Corporation
    Virtual Edge
    Virtual Exim Development Team
    Virtual Focus
    Virtual Programming
    Virtual Projects
    Virtue, Richard
    Visual Mining, Inc.
    Visual Shapers
    Vitez Multimedia Solutions
    Vivisimo, Inc.
    Vixie, Paul
    VocalTec Communications
    Vogel, Oliver
    Voice of web
    Void, Christian
    Voipio, Teemu
    Volition, Inc.
    von Leitner, Felix
    Vortex Blog AKA vBlog
    Voxware Inc.
    VyPRESS Research
    Wagner, Shawn
    Wagner, Victor
    Walker, John
    Wall, Larry
    Walla! Communications
    Wallacher, Frank
    Walshaw, Chris
    Walter, Christian
    Walzl, Michael
    Ward, Phil
    Ward, Tim
    Warner Brothers
    Watson, Colin et al
    Waugh, Tim
    Way to the Web Limited
    Weaver, Mark H.
    Web Animations
    web content management
    Web Crossing, Inc.
    Web Drive Limited
    Web Helper Online
    Web Simulations, Inc.
    Web Site Engineering GmbH
    Web Wiz Guide
    Webb, Adam
    WeBBoA Tasarim Hizmetleri
    Webby Inc.
    Webcam Corp.
    WEBGATE, Inc.
    WebGroup Media
    WebHost Automation Ltd.
    Webroot Software, Inc.
    Website Pros
    webwasher AG
    Wedgetail Communications Pty Ltd.
    Weigel, Enrico
    Weiss, Ueli
    Wendzel, Steffen
    WeOnlyDo! Software
    WesMo Projects
    Western Digital Corporation
    Westphal, Markus
    Wettstein, Greg
    Whale Communications
    WheresJames Software
    Whisper Technology Limited
    White, Brian
    White, Dave
    Whitham, J.
    WhitSoft Development
    Whorl Limited
    Wichitill, Markus
    Wichmann, Rainer
    Wieers, Dag
    Wieland, Joachim
    Wihsbock, Michael
    Wijering, Jeroen
    WildTangent, Inc.
    Willis, Ian
    Wilson, Bill
    Wilson, Chris
    WinAgents Software Group
    Windows Ftp Server SOFTWARE
    Wind River
    Windward Software
    Wing, Jed
    WinISO Computing Inc.
    Winkelmann, R.
    Wintel Corporation
    WinZip Computing, Inc.
    Wire Plastik Design
    Wirtualna Polska
    Wirz, Martin et al
    With Enterprise Pty Ltd.
    WMR Simpson
    Wojtczuk, Rafal
    Wolf, Markus
    Wolfe, Brian
    Wolfram Research
    Wolter, Jan
    Wolters Kluwer
    Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, Inc.
    Woods, Donald R. et al
    Woods, Greg A.
    Woppoware Pty Ltd
    Wordit Limited 2000
    WordRake, LLC
    Working Resources (BadBlue)
    World Design Group, Inc.
    Worldspan, L.P.
    Worldvisions Computer Technology, Inc.
    Wright, Leif M.
    Wright, Matt
    WU-FTPD Development Group
    WWW.CGIscript.NET, LLC
    wwweb concepts
    X-Ways Software Technology
    X1 Discovery
    X2 Studios, Ltd.
    XaoS Developers (various)
    XAVi Technologies
    XCache Technologies
    XEN Information Systems
    Xen Project
    Xenakis, Marcus
    Xenno Group
    XFree86 Project
    Xi Graphics
    XPA Systems
    Xpressions Interactive Inc.
    Xythos Software
    YaBB Development Team
    Yamamoto, Hiroyuki
    Yippi-Yeah! E-Business
    yMonda Limited
    Yoast BV
    Yojna Software
    Young, Steve / Kaes, Robert James
    Yuan, Max
    Yuschuk, Oleh
    Zadrozynski, Georges
    Zahn, Daniel
    ZaireWeb Solutions
    Zamboni, Diego
    Zanfi Solutions
    Zawinski, Jamie
    ZBSoft Corp.
    Zdziarski, Jonathan A.
    Zee-Way Services
    Zeef, Jon
    Zekoll, Wolfgang
    Zelezny, Peter
    Zen Cart Team
    Zero One Technology
    Zeus Technology
    Zhang, Gang
    Zhang, Yongguang
    Zhekov, Stoyan
    ZiCornell, Topher
    Zilab Software
    Zinser, Axel
    ZixCom (Andersson, John)
    Zone Labs
    ZoneO Software
    Zoom Technologies
    ZTE Corporation
    ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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